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How Juice Plus+ is Changing My Life

Some of you keep asking what I've been doing lately regarding my health journey.... so I thought I would put it all out here for you...

2 words.... Juice Plus+

My friend Keri introduced me to Juice Plus+ in May because she loves me and cares about my family's health. In particular she wanted to help Samuel, with fighting cancer, and Michael with his cerebral palsy.

The kids and I started in mid-May.

These are the changes I've seen in my children:

-better sleep
-more emotional stability
-less emotional outbursts (especially with Michael! He's not hitting others or himself! He's not telling me he hates me. He's not screaming and throwing fits. He's quick to apologize when he gets upset. He has more self-control!)
-increased cognitive function (no more brain fog with Samuel!) Doing better at school! More attention!
-improve immune systems (if they get sick they recover so fast! and they are not getting sick the way they used to).
- where are their seasonal allergie…

Keep Running

I was so emotionally exhausted after Samuel's appointments this afternoon that I crawled into bed and took a 3 hour nap! What a blessing my husband is to offer respite to me; he came home from a long day of work and took over.

 I'm so proud of Samuel. I know he was nervous but he did a great job handling his EKG, echocardiogram, blood draws, IV and CT Scan. We follow up with his oncologist, Dr. Lowe, tomorrow. Praying for good news. We want to hear N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease!)

Ian started throwing up this afternoon while I was taking Samuel to his appointment. He has continued through the evening.

Michael and Peter puppy piled on the bed with me while I napped this evening.

Laundry awaits me and schooling and more organizing and eliminating.

I'm wide awake at 1 a.m. and thinking.

Trying to quiet my heart and still my thoughts. Asking the Lord to direct my gaze on Him and deep breathe while asking Him to be my center.

Asking the Lord to direct my day and show me what to …

Embracing the Present....

I choose to be in the present. Not wallow in the regrets of my past nor dwell on the fears and worries of the future but to allow myself, as best as I can, be present where ever I am. To see, taste, touch, hear, speak fully where I am. To embrace those around me. To love where I am able. To serve and lay down my life.

And when I choose to be in the moment I find a joy. A secret of contentment that bubbles up in my heart because I see grace for each and every need, and peace for my grief and worries, and hope that God is bigger than me. He calls Himself I Am. He is the most present person there is.

And so I run to Him in my time of need. In my time of discouragement. In times of need and plenty. When I danced around the house because, yes, we did pay our rent this month! When I weep for the loss of a precious child and the brokenness that we experience still living in a fallen world, knowing that death has died but for now it separates us from those who have gone ahead. When the shower …