How Juice Plus+ is Changing My Life

Some of you keep asking what I've been doing lately regarding my health journey.... so I thought I would put it all out here for you...

2 words.... Juice Plus+

My friend Keri introduced me to Juice Plus+ in May because she loves me and cares about my family's health. In particular she wanted to help Samuel, with fighting cancer, and Michael with his cerebral palsy.

The kids and I started in mid-May.

These are the changes I've seen in my children:

-better sleep
-more emotional stability
-less emotional outbursts (especially with Michael! He's not hitting others or himself! He's not telling me he hates me. He's not screaming and throwing fits. He's quick to apologize when he gets upset. He has more self-control!)
-increased cognitive function (no more brain fog with Samuel!) Doing better at school! More attention!
-improve immune systems (if they get sick they recover so fast! and they are not getting sick the way they used to).
- where are their seasonal allergies? They have disappeared. No runny noses. No itchy eyes. No coughing. We have even stopped using Zyrtec completely for helping with allergies!
-drinking more water (they ask for it! I don't even have to push it!)
-Respiratory system! They have been reduced from using an inhaler two puffs twice a day to completely stopping. We have it as a standby for "just in case". We haven't needed it yet! And this with kids who usually get pneumonia, bronchitis and need chest x-rays. Who have had to go to the ER for oxygen! Thank you Jesus!
-Strength! Michael is running! Jumping! He's increased his speech. His strength for physical therapy has continued to increase. He can actually do monkey bars which he could never do before and I have even seen him chase a sibling up Mount Trashmore!!!! Improvement in agility, fine motor and gross motor skills. Endurance.
-Less Attitude. The kids are quicker to respond to correction and when they're told to do something. They're less snappish. I think this can be attributed to a more balanced sugar level! Clearer thinking.
-Less Hormonal Issues. Libby is not up and down. Angry and then crying. Manic and then depressed. She's way more stable and quick to correct herself when needed. She's still a girl. She still has hormones... but they are so much more manageable!

In May, I had gotten to the point where I wanted to get tested for Lyme's Disease. My joints hurt. I was exhausted all the time, even upon waking. I had horrible headaches and a weekly migraine. I felt constantly nauseous. Was overeating all the time. Half of my face felt numb. I had sciatica and numbness on my left hip and leg. I felt I could sleep for 12 or more hours and still be mind-numbing tired. I had brain fog. I felt I couldn't think clearly or make decisions. I craved fast food- sugar, bad fats, and deep fried foods. I was fat and starving (nutritionally), exhausted and sick... and then I started taking Juice Plus+

Changes I've seen in myself:

Less headaches- I think I've had one or 2 headaches in the past 2 months compared to daily headaches!
Less Pain- I used to have daily pain. I was taking 800 mg. of ibuprofen 2-3 X day. I rarely take ibuprofen now. It always shocks me how I don't need it anymore!
More Energy- I have energy to homeschool my 5 kids, tutor Foundations and Essentials for Classical Conversations, manage my own business, care for my community, help with our church plant, participate in children's ministry, active in a support group for Mom's with Children with Special Needs (Living in Holland), and take Michael to 6 hours of therapy a week (physical, speech and occupational)
More self-control- Way way less emotional eating. I often think about why I'm eating and what I'm eating. When I've wanted chocolate I make a Juice Plus+ Dutch Cocoa Complete shake and I'm satisfied. I'm learning how to be in tune with my body. Even my emotions are more balanced for me. I react and I can still get upset but not like I used to before! My mood swings are more stable
Decreased anxiety and Depression: I still have my moments but I no longer have daily anxiety/panic attacks. My depression is more manageable and I have fewer bouts of significant depression and a quicker recovery time..
A desire for more fruits and veggies- I love how I'm eating more fruits and veggies than ever! My diet is rich in color and nutrients!
Better sleep- I fall asleep easily and stay asleep and I wake feeling well-rested!
Easier to make better, healthier choices- It's more of an instinct and habit than me trying to kill myself to do the right things! It feels like a natural extension of myself.
No more infections- I used to get monthly urinary tract infections and yeast infections! NO MORE!!!!
Better intimacy- I will not get specific here.... but Juice Plus+ has blessed our marriage. I will leave it at that.
Healthier Gut- No more Hurting Tummy. No more bowel trouble!
Losing weight and losing inches! I find that I get fuller more quickly and naturally eat less. I'm finding my body is getting leaner and I'm getting more muscle and less fat! I'm not starving. I eat well and I eat often. I even enjoy treats! But they're just that- treats! No more eating sugary laden goodies 3 times a day! I'm still human. I still will have an occasion where I indulge a little more than usual. But most of my diet is making good choices! And I feel great! I'm Down 2 sizes!!!!

There are so many changes and ways that Juice Plus+ has been changing me and my family. I think a huge thing has been the hope that I feel for myself and my family. I believe we have a future. I'm excited for the good things that are coming. I feel encouraged that I'm protecting my family by daily gentle detox and cleansing and nourishing them with fruits and veggies!

So you're probably asking... what is Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is concentrated fruits and vegetables that have been put into capsule or into chewable gummies. Non-gmo fruits and vegetables that  have been picked at their peak of nutrition, washed, (tested for any herbicides or pesticides or chemicals- above and beyond organic!) and juiced, they are then cold dehydeated, keeping all of its nutrition and amazing phytonutrients and then combined and put into capsule! How it's made, you can see a video here.

My husband and I take the trio capsules (orchard, garden and vineyard) and our kids are on their health study which means we get the orchard and garden gummies for FREE for our kids. With every adult purchase of capsules or gummies you can get a child (age 4- college student) for free for up to 4 year!

What are the health benefits?

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables?

Probably not... Depending on your activity level we need between 4- 6 CUPS of fruits and Veggies a DAY!

We know that we need fruits and vegetables! They are a part of a diet that protects us from heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The FDA recommends that half our plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are full of vitamins, fiber, and anti-oxidants. They help our immune system, promote a healthy gut, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help our body to heal on a cellular level.

What if you are! Even the best fruits and vegetable eaters need help! We live in a toxic world: our food, water, and air are full of toxins. We need the anti-oxidants to fight these free radicals!

What is the research  behind Juice Plus+? 

Published medical studies    

Clinical Research Results 

What are doctors saying?  Check out this video.

Juice Plus+ is a way to bridge the gap between what we should eat and how we do eat. Especially with our children!

How can you buy Juice Plus+? Right here!

Tomorrow I am going to talk about my Transform 30 journey! 

I'm starting Monday, November 2 if you want to join me in shedding fat, creating lean muscle, more energy, better sleep, and overall better health! 

I'm going into the holidays with the healthiest me yet!


Grandma said…
Proud of you, Jen. So happy this is working so well for all the family. Looking forward to being with you. Love and hugs....Grandma

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