Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Calculator, Ma!

Okay, so yesterday I had five sick kids so I took them to the doctors... by myself.

Peter became fascinated with the calculator in the waiting room... and soon Samuel took interest as well. He started punching numbers.

"Look Mom. 8 plus 7 and it gives me the answer 15!"

Needless to say it reminded me of one of my favorite skits on SNL...

Guess what's going to be in Samuel's stocking for Christmas this year... Yep, a calculator.

(Dollar Tree has a tone of different colors/varieties!)

Hope you enjoy the skit as much as I do...

Monday, November 19, 2012

while you were sleeping...

Ian Asleep... 

Samuel asleep in his plastic box...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broken Christmas Cards

I found myself online looking through Christmas cards to find one for this years family photo. I’m a sucker. I really love picture Christmas cards. As I scrolled down the options on the page I was captured by the bright colors and sentimental words.

Something began to feel off. I noticed that each picture represented was perfect. No one was unhappy or ugly or crying. You looked at the pictures represented and couldn’t help but think these people live a charmed life… at least that’s how they’re represented. Now I recognize that these are beautiful models being used to sell Christmas cards but it felt so false and artificial.

Am I saying it’s wrong to use a good photo? No, of course you should use your best picture. Is it wrong to have cute kids? Absolutely not. My kids are adorable.

I guess I’m just realizing we’re not always smiling. Our clothing isn’t always perfect and pristine.  And sometimes you can’t always see the heartache behind the smiles.

When did we stop being genuine? Why is it a crime to be broken? When people ask how you are they want to hear that you’re doing well and not get beyond that. Part of it is a social custom. The other part is people don’t know how to handle messy people.

Yet I also think we crave reality. How many of us balk at the traditional “My Amazing Family” Christmas newsletter: “Bobby made the all-star sports team, won first place at the science fair & is going to Harvard next fall. Little Suzy made student of the year, straight A’s, is prima ballerina for her recital and was made homecoming queen for 3rd grade.”

I’m not trying to be cynical. It’s good to be proud of your kids achievements. It’s good to talk about good things… but isn’t there more? Isn’t there something lacking? Why are we so defined by our achievements and successes? Why are we afraid to talk to the person who just lost their child? Why do we ignore the hard issues that people around us are walking through… or hide the ones that we’re walking through ourselves.

We want to appear to have it together. We want to look beautiful and successful and without flaws.  And when we do that I think we’re desperately fighting our need for a Savior. We don’t want to need saving. We don’t want to appear to be in need of rescuing.

The truth is we’re all messes. We’re all broken. We all have problems, needs & issues. And we all need a rescue. To pull us out of our messes and to save us. To redeem us from a tragic, broken world.
And we’re also not alone. God has given us each other to encourage, support, pray for, and uphold. So I’m standing with you wherever you’re at. No matter how bad or sad or hopeless it seems. And I need people to stand with me and to remind me just how big and amazing our savior is. Our God can raise people from the dead. He takes dead things and makes them alive. Our God is mighty to save. He rescues broken messes. I know, because He has rescued me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lib's Party

Libby's birthday party last week was a fun time of hanging out and laughing. Eating fun food. Playing pin the tail on the deer to accentuate our woodland themed party. A lot of her friends were unable to attend due to illness and to the party's change of date due to hurricane sandy. She worked through her disappointment and made the most of it... which to say, was a blast!

Friday, November 09, 2012

halloween reflections

Halloween was a strange day for us. Samuel's CT scan early in the morning. A day full of long crazy waiting. a day spent holding our breaths and frizzled and frazzled with the tension of much anticipated news. In the evening before we knew the results we gathered the kids and dressed them up. I took them to the mall for their first experience ever of trick or treating. they had a great time.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Big 2!

Today my baby is 2. Happy Birthday Peter Joel. The blessing of having you in our family is abundantly clear to all who know us. You are a joy to have in our lives. I love the way you seek to make your siblings laugh. You are already the class clown.
I will never forget meeting you on the day you were born. You were a huge sweet chunky bundle of love. 9lbs, 4 oz. and tremendously "short" at 18 3/4inches. I felt like I birthed a baby butterball. I loved all the rolls I could bite on and your beautiful head of dark hair. 

I remember praying that I could take you home the day I went home from the hospital and the Lord kindly heard my prayers! You were in the Special Care Nursery for a few days so we could get your sugar stabilized and then home you came the day I went home. I was so grateful. 

Peter you brought so much joy in the midst of such extreme suffering and intense trials. Samuel was so sick when you were born. He was throwing up all the time and the chemo was so rough on his body. And here you were this healthy baby boy who made the world around you smile. You brought life in the midst of heartache.  You spent a lot of time with me and Samuel at the Oncology Clinic at CHKD and brought sunshine wherever you went. Samuel was 4 and a half when you were born and he would call you "Peter Joy" instead of Peter Joel. And he was right. You are our joy boy! 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

After a long painful wait and having to call the "on-call, urgent-only" oncologist we have our results.

No evidence of disease.

Yay! One year of "clear scans."

All is well.