Big 2!

Today my baby is 2. Happy Birthday Peter Joel. The blessing of having you in our family is abundantly clear to all who know us. You are a joy to have in our lives. I love the way you seek to make your siblings laugh. You are already the class clown.
I will never forget meeting you on the day you were born. You were a huge sweet chunky bundle of love. 9lbs, 4 oz. and tremendously "short" at 18 3/4inches. I felt like I birthed a baby butterball. I loved all the rolls I could bite on and your beautiful head of dark hair. 

I remember praying that I could take you home the day I went home from the hospital and the Lord kindly heard my prayers! You were in the Special Care Nursery for a few days so we could get your sugar stabilized and then home you came the day I went home. I was so grateful. 

Peter you brought so much joy in the midst of such extreme suffering and intense trials. Samuel was so sick when you were born. He was throwing up all the time and the chemo was so rough on his body. And here you were this healthy baby boy who made the world around you smile. You brought life in the midst of heartache.  You spent a lot of time with me and Samuel at the Oncology Clinic at CHKD and brought sunshine wherever you went. Samuel was 4 and a half when you were born and he would call you "Peter Joy" instead of Peter Joel. And he was right. You are our joy boy! 


Natasha said…
awww, "Peter Joy" how sweet :)"out of the mouths of babes?"

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