Lib's Party

Libby's birthday party last week was a fun time of hanging out and laughing. Eating fun food. Playing pin the tail on the deer to accentuate our woodland themed party. A lot of her friends were unable to attend due to illness and to the party's change of date due to hurricane sandy. She worked through her disappointment and made the most of it... which to say, was a blast!


Kelsey said…
Dying to see you!!! I love you! Happy belated birthday, sweet Libs! xoxoxo
Mixue said…
Great pictures! I love the mushrooms... how did you make those pencil toppers? And way to have healthy snacks with the "ants on a log" - we used to do those all the time when I was younger.
Mixue said…
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Jennifer said…
I made the pencil toppers with foam spheres. I cut them in half. Wrapped them in red fabric and glue gunned them. White out is used to dot the "mushroom" and then I pushed a pencil into the bottom of the cap.

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