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Making One Simple Change

I hear their feet scurrying by my door... actually it sounds more like loud clomping and stomping than scurrying.

The days are full. Therapy for Michael. Cleaning the house. Dishes. Laundry. Making meals. Homeschooling. Teaching. Reviewing. Helping. Checking over work. Planning. Scheduling. Dental appointments. Haircuts. Trips to the zoo and the library. Tutoring Foundations and Essentials at Classical Conversations. Grocery shopping and errands. Spending time with friends. Playing outside.
It's a full life. And a good one.

I love the health I am seeing in my children. I see the transformation of kids who used to be sick often to children who are strong and healthy. Their asthma is gone. No wheezing. No hacking cough. Not tightness of chest. No inahlers. No Zyrtec for seasonal allergies. No runny eyes or noses. I'm seeing them getting better sleep. Eating healthier. I see their emotions being more grounded and calm.

We made one simple change... we added Juice Plus+ to their diet…

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autumn reflections

When you are changing your life in huge ways, even with small simple steps it's easy to come up against a wall of resistance. I am there. I can feel the bricks beneath my fingers and look up to see the towering wall that doesn't have an end. There is much that wants to come against me. That wants to crumble my resolve.

"It doesn't really matter that I'm moving more or eating salads and drinking whole-food nutrition," the lies that whisper in my head begin to echo and build in volume.

Shut up. I will not listen to you lies!

I AM changing my life.

I AM becoming healthier.

I AM managing my stress better.

I AM finding healthy ways to cope with depression and anxiety.

I AM moving forward in my life.

I AM confident in what God is doing.

I AM eating more fruits and veggies.

I AM trusting Jesus with my health journey.

I AM going to help other people get healthy.

I've decided to stop looking at what I can't do.... I can't fix or change my past mistakes, fa…