Making One Simple Change

I hear their feet scurrying by my door... actually it sounds more like loud clomping and stomping than scurrying.

The days are full. Therapy for Michael. Cleaning the house. Dishes. Laundry. Making meals. Homeschooling. Teaching. Reviewing. Helping. Checking over work. Planning. Scheduling. Dental appointments. Haircuts. Trips to the zoo and the library. Tutoring Foundations and Essentials at Classical Conversations. Grocery shopping and errands. Spending time with friends. Playing outside.
It's a full life. And a good one.

I love the health I am seeing in my children. I see the transformation of kids who used to be sick often to children who are strong and healthy. Their asthma is gone. No wheezing. No hacking cough. Not tightness of chest. No inahlers. No Zyrtec for seasonal allergies. No runny eyes or noses. I'm seeing them getting better sleep. Eating healthier. I see their emotions being more grounded and calm.

We made one simple change... we added Juice Plus+ to their diets.

And I see how it's affected me.

This Spring, I really believe I had Lyme's... numbness in my face and on my left side of the body. Headaches. Joint pain. Complete, utter EXHAUSTION. Debilitating headaches and migraines. Crippling fatigue. Swollen legs and feet. On top of which, I had severe depression and daily anxiety attacks, PTSD, and general hopelessness.

Now, I see my body getting stronger every day. No joint pain. No muscle spasms. No headaches. My head is clearer. My thinking is clearer. I still can have bad days and feel sad but it's not the spiraling vortex of doom that had me wanting to end my life. My edema is gone. I have energy. I get through my days and I'm not dragging by 2 or 3 p.m. I don't look for caffeine to fix the afternoon slump because I don't have a slump. I feel good. My sugar level is steady. My hunger patterns are consistent. I'm not emotionally erratic. I can see things for what they are. My mole hills are no longer mountains.

In addition to better health, I have the blessing of having my own business! I'm working towards helping to be able to contribute to our monthly income. I'm so thankful! Mike's work has not been as much as it used to be or as consistent as we've needed so I'm thankful that I have a way I can add to our monthly income. One of my goals is to be the one who pays rent every month! But soon after that I want my goal to be to pay the mortgage.... we want to be able to buy a house! And I know we will. I see the good coming. I love my job. I love seeing people who have had Lyme's get better. I love seeing people who have had cancer, heal. I love watching children grow healthy and strong. I love seeing my 91 year old Grandmother able to do physical therapy because she's taking Juice Plus+ and drinking her complete shakes!

I love the healthy changes my family has seen. I love that Juice Plus+ leads to lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Healthy gums. Healthy gut. Protects your DNA. Healthy brain. Healthy skin. Supports your immune system. Reduces inflammation. Fights oxidative stress. You can read about the research studies here.

The Complete Protein is helping me create lean muscle mass and burn fat. I use it as breakfast on the go or as a snack. It can be used as a meal replacement or just a great way to get delicious whole foods into your body. It's my favorite middle of the night treat. It helps me get through my busy CC days (classical conversations). The taste is amazing! I don't get the tummy upset I used to get from other protein powders or horrible nasty gas.

Kids can get it free! My children get their Juice Plus+ free through the children's health study! With every adult purchase a child (age 4 to college student) can get Juice Plus for free for up to 4 years! My husband and I cover 2 of our kids and my parents cover 2 more!

Yes even Grandparents can help support their grandbabies having better health!!!

I'm so thankful for my friend Keri who introduced me to Juice Plus+. In fact she let me try it for my kids for free. She cared so much about Samuel's health (having had cancer) and Michael (with cerebral palsy). I can not be more grateful to see how my kids are healthier and function better. Less mood swings. Better sleep. Healthier diet. They crave fruits and veggies now and they have become a part of every meal :)

In the toxic day of age we live in where our water and air and food are so contaminated I'm so grateful for a way to help combat the effects of a broken world with the power of concentrated fruits and vegetables.

What are you doing to change your health? Are you able to bridge the Gap between how you should eat and what you do eat? What one simple change are you going to make to your life? Drinking more water. Moving more. Getting adequate sleep. Reducing stress. There are so many ways to make a simple change.

I found that taking Juice Plus+ has enabled me to change all these areas... one simple change a time!

Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Let me know if you want to be added to a private group on FB for Clean Eating for Thanksgiving


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