Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My little gatherer.

Libby is my little gatherer. She loves to collect flowers and berries. Her imagination runs wild and she loves to find and discover new things and share these insights and discoveries with me. Lately it's been berries. Wow. My little four year old is a masterpiece!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


From his chubby cheeks down to his sweet little toes... I am totally smitten by my youngest child. I love his smiles and his eyes that peer right into the depths of my soul. He's starting to roll. He loves to kick and he adores his siblings.

Michael MacLeod you are loved!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Mike showed me this video a few months ago. What do you think?

All I Need

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bored on a Monday.

Me & Ian.

Say what?  Bored.  Okay.  I'm bored because I don't want to do the things I "should" be doing like laundry or figuring out what we're eating for dinner... or solving the problems of the world.  Instead I'm trying to console a teething tyrant whose been crying a lot.  So I set my laptop for photobooth setting and I think it took his mind of his teeth.  Here are a few of the many shots we took. Okay, it's time for tylenol.

The details I love.


if you walk in the front door this is what you see on the left. (hallway)
school room/play room/dining room

my favorite curtains (from Sweden)
above kitchen sink

looking out the kitchen window
my crafting area/my section of the office

my lovely teapot

Friday, October 10, 2008

Soap Queen.

No, I'm no talking about the Days of Our Lives or As the world turns... I'm talking about my daughter, Libby.  She's the soap queen around here.  By that I mean she washes her hands over 8 times a day.  We go through so much soap because of her.  So now I've decided to give her her own soap so we can save money.  This foamy soap is from the Target Hot Spot section... yep, a $1.  So now I'm not worried about how much we spend on soap.  It even has a pumpkin smell. If only we could figure out how to use less toilet paper with her...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Wordle.

My joureny of faith masterpiece.
I saw on my friend Bethany's blog an image about hope, apparently she did something called a wordle.  I was trying to figure out what the heck wordle was so I googled it and creates this.  Which I call my journey of faith.  

I credit this to

Try it.  It's so fun.


"I'm going to Starbucks.  Hm.  There's a muffin." Libby playing make believe going to Starbucks.

"Mom, you HAVE to have an imagination!"  Libby explaining to me how she pretends about things that aren't there.

"I think he's still awake.  Let's try to wake up him." Libby talking about Ian waking up from a nap.

"You're so cute.  You like to go to the hospital.  You miss your doctors.  I want to go the hospital so I can get sick. (turns to me) Mom, I need a pillow." Libby talking about Michael.

Monday, October 06, 2008

knicknack of love.

My dad made me this when I was 3. It says Jesus Loves Me on it.  I've always loved and appreciated that my dad is a craftsman.  I think it's where Christopher (my brother) gets his artistry from... and maybe where I tend to get my creativity. Of course what my dad does now is a little grander than a tiny shadowbox.

My dad builds these amazing garden and lawn structures.  They're super fantastic.  And he has amazing craftmanship.  Mike's been working for my dad and has sent me some pictures of their work... really cool stuff.  

As striking as all their work is and as breathtakingly beautiful as their pergolas and arbors are I love my little box that my dad made me.  Yeah, it would be someone's trash... probably not even worthy of a thrift store but to me it's my treasure.  My grandmother had recently given it back to me.  Apparently I gave it to her when I was younger and she just recently gave it back.  I love it!  It sits on my desk and inspires me.

Picture is from my dad's site.  An actual pergola he built.  To see more of his work or for more information you can visit

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Hmmm.  What happens in my life... oh you know the usual funny things.  I was giving Samuel his medicine the other day and I pushed hard on the oral syringe because it was jammed.  He then in turn swallowed too much.  Started choking.  Threw up.  And then slid and fell into his throw-up.  Yes, these things happen.

Sometimes life kind of reminds me of slapstick comedy.  Samuel running so fast he can't stop himself and crashes into a doorway entrance only to bounce off and fall on the ground.  Libby chasing Samuel around the house, the two of them screaming at the top  of their lungs and laughing and giggling.  The twins alternating their crying.  "It's my turn to cry.  You look at me this time.  Okay your turn."  Seriously they amaze me at how they alternate crying. And then there are the times where they decide to cry simultaneously.

I get desperate at times when we're in the car and at those times I will put on a movie for the kids.  Lately I have added a new video (VHS) to the collection- Cinderella.  Libby has to give me a play-by-play.  "Oh mommy, they tore her dress.  She can't go to the ball and meet the prince.  Oh good.  Here comes her VERY god-mother."  Cracks me up every time.  Know we don't believe in fairy god-mothers just very ones!

I have realized that I have been coming up with words lately.  They probably don't exist in real life but I enjoy making up something to express myself.  New words as of late: Colorage (a description of color), Enviousness (when you covet what someone else has  you have enviousness-oh sheesh Mike thinks it might be a real word- can someone look it up?).  I think I'm going to add these words to the Jennifer Leigh Dictionary (JLD).  In case you're unfamiliar with the JLD it often has words that sound like they're real words but aren't.  The other wonderful thing is for the most part you can figure out what I'm saying... isn't that great?!

Mike and I just finished Brom Stoker's Dracula.  It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be (and I scare very easily)... but maybe it's not scary when it's read out loud and you're knitting a scarf.  It was enjoyable but Mike and I both agreed it could have been a much shorter story and was somewhat anti-climactic.  We're moving on to Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)... yes, we love Russian literature.  This was Dostoevsky's final work and I'm excited to see how it relates and contrasts to Crime & Punishment.

Random exciting thing: I need mascara.  A certain brand of mascara is on sale.  I have a $5 coupon for this particular brand.  So an originally 9 or 10 dollar mascara is going to be less than two dollars.  Score!  I love coupons.

I am trying to make almost all our gifts for Christmas.  I have been excited to get things from Michael's Arts and Crafts and create these gifts.  Lately I have been enjoying the coupons... anywhere from 40% off to another competitors 55% off a regular (non-sale) item.  Fun, fun.  And yes, I am already working on Christmas presents.

Yesterday we went to watch some of our younger friends play soccer.  It was nice to get outside with the kids and enjoy the fresh air.  I think I am a natural born soccer mom.  I'm the kind that screams until they're hoarse... thankfully it's encouraging words and not swearing at the other team!

Well, it's past time for bed.  It's after midnight.  Sleep is calling my name.  I'm actually excited that tomorrow is a Monday.  It's my kind of a break day.  Yay.  The kids are going to their friend's house and I just have the twins.  It's my day to change the sheets on the beds, make calls, set appointments, and figure out how to manage the week. I never thought I'd like Mondays... but I do now.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Simply Me.

I've been feeling more and more like Dostoevsky's character, Raskolnikov, in Crime and Punishment.  No I haven't murdered anyone with an ax but I do have that tired, delirious, feverish, fog-like state of mind.  I've also been busy with many appointments and hormonal since the return of normal feminine functions.  'ah-hah.

So many specialist appointments this month.  I'm worn out just thinking about them.  I feeling like thing after thing after thing is happening.  The hard part is there isn't much I can say NO to.  They're involving my child's well-being so I can just ignore it or brush it aside.

Life is very full but I am enjoying the cooler weather, my fall wreath on the door and a new mini flag stand out front welcoming people.  Libby's 4th birthday is coming up and I'm excited to have her princess party which is still not scheduled.

I am thankful for the little pink delicate wildflower that is blossoming.  My crafting area where I design cards and work on little projects.... oh and my brother-in-law John's birthday.  Happy Birthday John!  My text doesn't work otherwise I would text you.  Hope to have the kids call you later.  I am so blessed to not only have my brother Christopher but to have John and David (who are my brother-in-laws, but are more like brothers).  Wow- blessed with 3 men in my life who are loving and caring and supportive, not to mention fabulous uncles!

So there.  I'm so hungry and need to go eat lunch.  Looking forward to some relaxing down-time this week-end and planning a fun little party for a friend who is getting married... it involves crepes, foot-baths, chocolate, cheese and wine.  Not to mention I like to give foot rubs and neck massages... so that's some relaxation.

being girls.

mommy's girl
kisses & snuggles
"Auntie Kelsey faces"
Peace out.