"I'm going to Starbucks.  Hm.  There's a muffin." Libby playing make believe going to Starbucks.

"Mom, you HAVE to have an imagination!"  Libby explaining to me how she pretends about things that aren't there.

"I think he's still awake.  Let's try to wake up him." Libby talking about Ian waking up from a nap.

"You're so cute.  You like to go to the hospital.  You miss your doctors.  I want to go the hospital so I can get sick. (turns to me) Mom, I need a pillow." Libby talking about Michael.


Anonymous said…
ha ha, yeah it was fun playing "going to the store" and such today. :)-emily
Anonymous said…
I love her imagination. So funny. Glad she has a positive attitude about hospital visits...

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