Simply Me.

I've been feeling more and more like Dostoevsky's character, Raskolnikov, in Crime and Punishment.  No I haven't murdered anyone with an ax but I do have that tired, delirious, feverish, fog-like state of mind.  I've also been busy with many appointments and hormonal since the return of normal feminine functions.  'ah-hah.

So many specialist appointments this month.  I'm worn out just thinking about them.  I feeling like thing after thing after thing is happening.  The hard part is there isn't much I can say NO to.  They're involving my child's well-being so I can just ignore it or brush it aside.

Life is very full but I am enjoying the cooler weather, my fall wreath on the door and a new mini flag stand out front welcoming people.  Libby's 4th birthday is coming up and I'm excited to have her princess party which is still not scheduled.

I am thankful for the little pink delicate wildflower that is blossoming.  My crafting area where I design cards and work on little projects.... oh and my brother-in-law John's birthday.  Happy Birthday John!  My text doesn't work otherwise I would text you.  Hope to have the kids call you later.  I am so blessed to not only have my brother Christopher but to have John and David (who are my brother-in-laws, but are more like brothers).  Wow- blessed with 3 men in my life who are loving and caring and supportive, not to mention fabulous uncles!

So there.  I'm so hungry and need to go eat lunch.  Looking forward to some relaxing down-time this week-end and planning a fun little party for a friend who is getting married... it involves crepes, foot-baths, chocolate, cheese and wine.  Not to mention I like to give foot rubs and neck massages... so that's some relaxation.


Anonymous said…
Oh Jen,

What a blessing you have been for such a long time to Christopher,John and Dave and what a great sister you have been to Libby. I think it is so wonderful that you have such a longtime sister relationship to all your brothers. Love all the pictures of you and Libby, too.
Darling girls.
love you,
Anonymous said…

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I am still surprised at who remembers the day--since I almost forget it myself every year. I concur with your mom and I am very glad we have had such a good brother-sister relationship for so long. Even long before you and Mike got together. You have blessed me over the years in ways you probably do not even know. Your kind words mean much, and I look forward to seeing you soon at the wedding. Hope your weekend went well and was relaxing.


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