Hmmm.  What happens in my life... oh you know the usual funny things.  I was giving Samuel his medicine the other day and I pushed hard on the oral syringe because it was jammed.  He then in turn swallowed too much.  Started choking.  Threw up.  And then slid and fell into his throw-up.  Yes, these things happen.

Sometimes life kind of reminds me of slapstick comedy.  Samuel running so fast he can't stop himself and crashes into a doorway entrance only to bounce off and fall on the ground.  Libby chasing Samuel around the house, the two of them screaming at the top  of their lungs and laughing and giggling.  The twins alternating their crying.  "It's my turn to cry.  You look at me this time.  Okay your turn."  Seriously they amaze me at how they alternate crying. And then there are the times where they decide to cry simultaneously.

I get desperate at times when we're in the car and at those times I will put on a movie for the kids.  Lately I have added a new video (VHS) to the collection- Cinderella.  Libby has to give me a play-by-play.  "Oh mommy, they tore her dress.  She can't go to the ball and meet the prince.  Oh good.  Here comes her VERY god-mother."  Cracks me up every time.  Know we don't believe in fairy god-mothers just very ones!

I have realized that I have been coming up with words lately.  They probably don't exist in real life but I enjoy making up something to express myself.  New words as of late: Colorage (a description of color), Enviousness (when you covet what someone else has  you have enviousness-oh sheesh Mike thinks it might be a real word- can someone look it up?).  I think I'm going to add these words to the Jennifer Leigh Dictionary (JLD).  In case you're unfamiliar with the JLD it often has words that sound like they're real words but aren't.  The other wonderful thing is for the most part you can figure out what I'm saying... isn't that great?!

Mike and I just finished Brom Stoker's Dracula.  It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be (and I scare very easily)... but maybe it's not scary when it's read out loud and you're knitting a scarf.  It was enjoyable but Mike and I both agreed it could have been a much shorter story and was somewhat anti-climactic.  We're moving on to Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)... yes, we love Russian literature.  This was Dostoevsky's final work and I'm excited to see how it relates and contrasts to Crime & Punishment.

Random exciting thing: I need mascara.  A certain brand of mascara is on sale.  I have a $5 coupon for this particular brand.  So an originally 9 or 10 dollar mascara is going to be less than two dollars.  Score!  I love coupons.

I am trying to make almost all our gifts for Christmas.  I have been excited to get things from Michael's Arts and Crafts and create these gifts.  Lately I have been enjoying the coupons... anywhere from 40% off to another competitors 55% off a regular (non-sale) item.  Fun, fun.  And yes, I am already working on Christmas presents.

Yesterday we went to watch some of our younger friends play soccer.  It was nice to get outside with the kids and enjoy the fresh air.  I think I am a natural born soccer mom.  I'm the kind that screams until they're hoarse... thankfully it's encouraging words and not swearing at the other team!

Well, it's past time for bed.  It's after midnight.  Sleep is calling my name.  I'm actually excited that tomorrow is a Monday.  It's my kind of a break day.  Yay.  The kids are going to their friend's house and I just have the twins.  It's my day to change the sheets on the beds, make calls, set appointments, and figure out how to manage the week. I never thought I'd like Mondays... but I do now.


Anonymous said…
I loved "Brothers Karamazov"! BTW, is there any way to get Michael's coupons online? I've looked but no luck. I don't usually get the flyer . . .
Anonymous said…
Random Thought: I love to look to your face. It makes me so happy when you have photos of yourself on the blog. Thanks for doing that. It adds a special personal touch to your posts. Just thought I would share my randomness. I will do my best to enjoy this precious Monday from the Lord with you.

Love you,

Jennifer said…
Danielle, I think that I had the same problem. I signed up so they would send them online but I only found the flyer, not the coupons. Sometimes I'll find 20% off regular purchase price. Lately I've been getting the Sunday paper. We scored a huge deal on getting the Sunday paper for a whole year at $20. This way I always get the coupon. I know Michael's accepts competitor coupons... such as A.C. Moore, etc. I happen to get both Michael's & A.C. Moore. Another thing I used to do before I get the Sunday paper is I used to go to Starbucks on Sunday afternoon and look for a discarded Sunday paper. A lot of people will purchase a paper and leave it for another customer... and I got my coupons that way. Or ask someone who gets the paper and doesn't care about crafts!

Wow. That was lengthy. Hope it helps.


Kels- glad you like to look at my face. ha ha. See you soon!

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