Soap Queen.

No, I'm no talking about the Days of Our Lives or As the world turns... I'm talking about my daughter, Libby.  She's the soap queen around here.  By that I mean she washes her hands over 8 times a day.  We go through so much soap because of her.  So now I've decided to give her her own soap so we can save money.  This foamy soap is from the Target Hot Spot section... yep, a $1.  So now I'm not worried about how much we spend on soap.  It even has a pumpkin smell. If only we could figure out how to use less toilet paper with her...


Wasko Family said…
Well at least you always know that her hands are always clean!:) better then them being well, you know, gross:) Good idea for the whole "personnel soap bottle"

Anonymous said…
good idea! =) well, good thing her hands are always clean!

Shannon C.

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