Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My little gatherer.

Libby is my little gatherer. She loves to collect flowers and berries. Her imagination runs wild and she loves to find and discover new things and share these insights and discoveries with me. Lately it's been berries. Wow. My little four year old is a masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Oh so True.....
Libby has matured so much since her 4th birthday.
She has a desire to help, to love and care for her brothers.....and loves Mama and Poppa. She is smart, beautiful, inside and out, and a wonderful little/big girl.
I love you Libby and treasure the time MyMike and I have with you.
Thanks Jen and Mike for being such great parents

Anonymous said...

Love her imagination! It's so cute, she also says "your honey and I'm darling"-emily b.

anne said...

she is the cutest :)