Tales of the Croup.

Samuel has croup. This sounds funny but we are so thankful that's all it is. He's being given a steroid. The doctor gave us the following information:

Viral Croup results from a viral infection in the voice box and windpipe. This kind of croup often starts with a cold that slowly develops into a barking cough. As your child's airway swells and secretes moref fluid, it becomes more difficult to breathe.

So we're at home... but not at the hospital! Yeah.

Answer to prayer.


Sara of Sweden said…
Hi Girl!
Left a message on your answering machine... sometimes the doctors don't give all the advices that can be of value.. but nurses do =0)
One of the patientcategory I work with is children with croup. They often call us at the hospital at night.
Best advices: Let him sleep as upright as possible ex carseat or buggy. Let it be cold in the bedroom (window open) (but don't let it be too cold because of the asthma, talking about minusdegrees though!!)
If it get's hard for him to inhale.. that's the croup.. go outside and hold him upright/let him sleep in his buggy upright.
Because he has asthma, give him his medicine as prescribed!
These are the advics we give and majority of children with croup gets better with this "at-home-treatment"! And hang in there... the first 3 days and nights are the worst!
Wendy said…
I second that Jenn. Chloe got croup once and it sounds horrible! I slept upright in her bed with her on my chest for two nights. The steroid did help Chloe too so I hope that helps Samuel too. I am praying for you.
Anonymous said…
will be praying he recovers soon! I'm so excited about our visit!!!

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