Libby & Miss Anne.

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This is Libby and her teacher Miss Anne on her first day of school. Libby is loving school and is always excited to put on her back-pack (which she calls pack-pack) and head out the door. The other day she skipped down the hall at school yelling, "I'm happy I go to school!" Today we went on a field trip to the fire-house. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. Oh well, I guess I didn't get distracted with pictures and was able to enjoy Libby watching the fire-men.


Anonymous said…
Oh My! I can't believe lib is already going to school!!! Love you.
Anonymous said…
It is fun to see she is still wearing her how she pretends and all that is so fun.

Can't wait to see you later tonight or maybe in the am.
Ashleigh said…
I'm so glad she loves school! We have Olivia on the waiting list for a preschool here. She's so excited at the prospect.

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