Birthdays with Jesus.

Well, today wasn't anything of what I expected. All my plans and good attentions went down the drain when Samuel was up coughing all night. We were debating whether or not to take him to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). So this morning, we rushed and dropped off Libby at a friends (Sonya). Mike took me to my specialist appointment and dropped me off and then headed down to take Samuel to the doctor's to get checked out.

I waited almost 2 hours before I saw the ultrasound technician. Mike was finished with Samuel and waiting in the car outside while I was waiting to be seen. Mike said Samuel needed an x-ray at the hospital and was to be checked for pneumonia. I got called back for my ultrasound.

i told the technician that one of the things we were trying to do was to make sure there was just one baby. She asked me how I would feel if I had twins... I told her it would be exciting but my hands are so full with two little ones as it is. She then proceeded. It was quiet and I was straining to see the screen. I thought, "hmm, just one." And then she said it...


I started to cry. All the emotions of the day poured in. It felt like a gift from the Lord to find out today on my sister's birthday. It was like a comforting response to know that God did love me and have good plans for us. I called Mike and told him the news. The appointment finished, I ran downstairs and hopped in the car. We drove to CHOP.

We waited in the E.R. for a little bit and then were given a triage room. Soon after Mike started throwing up. Our friend David came and picked him up and took him back to his house so Mike could sleep. Mike came back at 7:30 that night. We stayed in triage until 8:30p.m. and Samuel was admitted into the hospital. Mike and I left an hour later to get dinner and pick up Libby and head back to the house. Mike is staying the night with Samuel and I'm staying at home with Libby.

I thought today would have been a time to reflect on my sister and to grieve and to thank God for her. I didn't know what this day would hold. I thought I would have some time to myself or at least eat some icecream or watch a sad movie or something. Instead my whole little family is sick and I just found out instead of 2 children, I'm going to have four! We are a family of 6! Crazy.

Well, I know Libby is spending her birthday with Jesus. I can only imagine the kind of party she is having. I'm sure she's blowing kisses at me and giving big hugs. She is definitely not lacking anything and I bet she's getting the best chocolate and the best ice-cream up there. Hopefully she'll save me a big piece for the day that I get to spend a birthday in Heaven.


Katherine M. said…
Jennifer and Mike, I am so happy for you. Wow! You found out on Libby's birthday. What joyful news! I am going to faithfully pray for you. May God bless those little ones growing within you with health and with hearts that will love Him, and may He give you and Mike strength and grace for the days ahead. I also am praying for your Libby and Samuel. Hugs!!!
Michelle said…
I told Jeff last night. We are both so excited for you and Mike. We will certainly be up for a visit soon to help in any way we can.

Jessica Rockey said…
Crazy Jenn!!! I was so excited to tell Davy last night, but he was sleeping when I got off the phone.
What a gift, another life that you weren't expecting, on Libby's birthday. The Lord does have wonderful things for you in the midst of tragedy.
I can't wait to throw you a twin shower!!! Two little baby trees!!! We will be lifting you guys up in prayer faithfully. Love you!
Wendy said…
Oh, I want to come for a twin shower!! How fun will that be! What a blessing Jenn, you will be the best mom to twins. Remember, grace to today each moment at a time, not tomorrow or next week or even next hour, just this moment. And isn't it cool when God answers prayers in ways that are nothing that we can imagine. Love ya!
Jenn said…
Jennifer, I am so excited for you! I read your blog all the time (just don't always comment :)
But I was SOOO happy to hear your news and I am rejoicing with you. I checked your blog yesterday to see if you were writing anything. You had too much going on!!
May God bless you my friend. Hey, you are due before Chad and I, that means you'll beat us having four kids!!!! Hee hee Love you
erin. said…
Just sent you an email but wanted you to know I'll be praying for Samuel too. You said you were sick a couple days ago...are you feeling better yet?
Jennifer said…
Erin, Still sick. I've been up hacking my lungs out in the hospital in a bed next to Samuel. Thanks for asking.

Wendy- you should definitely come to the shower!

Thanks for everyone's excitement and encouragment!


Anonymous said…
thanks for calling last night and filling us in. we are praying fervently for you all. I hope you weren't discouraged by our seeming lack of wild, crazy excitement at your bearing TWINS! TWINS!! TWINS!!! know know how we are so soppy over Libby and Samuel, and always will know that will be magnified exponentially with the TWINS!!! as well, don't you?

We are so joyfull, so, so happy...the trials will will come in His morning...
I love you, you all...
Anonymous said…
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Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, what a post. You had me tearing up as I read about Libby spending her b-day with Jesus. Could there be a better way to celebrate? Oh, now I may actually cry.

Again, we are SO excited about the twins! Congratulations!

And am praying for Samuel.
Bethany said…
I have been out of town and on the annual "holiday treadmill" so to speak. I just got on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting. You are so blessed...Two for one that is my kind of deal. I would love to have two babies and only have to be pregnant once to get them (since you know how much I like being pregnant ha ha) So I am so jealous. How fun. Wish I could be there to photograph your little double blessing...when is the actual due date? Maybe there is a chance. You know I would love to. Or you could just move here first. HEE HEE. JK. Love you and can't wait to here more about your journey. Lovin all the pics you have posted too.

Anonymous said…
I am so excited Jenn!! When I was littler I always wanted twins too. Love you. :] emmy
Ginger said…
Wow! TWO MORE BABIES! God is more than generous, isnt he?? Ill be praying for you and your family. Hope everyone heals soon. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts of Libby.
Judy said…
Wow! Congratulations! Twice the baby love. :) Very exciting news!!

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