First Haircut.

Samuel got his haircut. His curls are all gone. My dad cut his hair for me. I think his new cut looks great. I need to get a better picture of it soon.


Anonymous said…
He looks so good!!
Ashleigh said…
Anonymous said…
Great Job, Chris...........he looks so dear and such a big boy look........oh, how time is flying by.

Anonymous said…
I'll miss his curls but he looks great. He is growing up so fast! :)

Love you guys.


P.S. Jenn, you look really pretty in the picture of you and Samuel.
Katherine M. said…
Your dad looks like he's having fun. He did a great job, and Samuel looks so good. I'm thinking about and praying for you and your family as Libby's birthday is near. We love and miss her. Love to you all!

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