God's faithfulness is so evident in my life when I look back to where I was almost 2 years ago. This was when I was in pre-term labor (January 2006) and when Samuel was born February 16, 2006. We have come such a long way. Samuel is a healthy thriving boy in comparison to the little preemie who was intibated and couldn't be touched for many days. Broke our hearts for a while not being able to to touch or hold him. Let me show a comparion picture so you can see how far we've come. We have been so blessed. Our son is alive. He has made it thus far. Sometimes I need to remind myself of the ways God has been faithful in the past so that the present concerns and worries won't seem so large and that I can remember that I have a Father who knows my needs and cares for me. How blessed I am!
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Anonymous said…
Yes you are blessed...........but Jen, you are a blessing to so many of us who love you........for your zest for life, your range of emotions and your passion and love for The Lord and family and friends........Hope you feel His pleasure.

love you,
Sarah said…
I have to agree with that comment! You are blessed, but you are blessed to be the blessing that you are to more people than you will ever know. And with parents like you and Mike, Libby and Samuel and the new baby are going to keep that blessing going!

Hope and pray that all of the desires and concerns of your heart are met by your Heavenly Father today.

Love ya xx

And thanks for the comparison picture - that Samuel is such a complete cutie!

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