A few minutes.

We went to Va this past week-end for my cousin, Anne's wedding. It was a wonderful week-end and pretty relaxing for me because I got to run around doing the fun "wedding" stuff like going to a Bridal brunch and getting my nails done, etc. The wedding itself was beautiful and amazing. We drove home on Monday just in time for Libby's ballet performance. (which was SO cute). That night she began throwing up and had a fever. She had to stay home from school the next day and today she threw up again although the fever is almost gone.

My in-laws drove up with us (caravan-style) on Monday and we have been enjoying some time with them. They have been a huge help with packing and helping me with the kids. The kids are climbing all over the furniture and the computer. Well, very short update but it's better than me not having posted at all. Somedays you just got to take what you can get.

Still looking for a home. 15 more days and we'll be outta here. The grace is sufficient for today. I better go. it's babies running wild here!


Anonymous said…
It was fun to talk and hang! We miss you guys!
Caren said…
Awww...poor Libby! I hope she feels better soon. Keep me posted on new addresses, etc. I know God has the perfect place for you guys!
Ashleigh said…
Poor Libby! We've been fighting flu-like stuff here too.

Am praying for a home for you.
Jessica Rockey said…
It was great to see you guys after the wedding. You looked beautiful Jenn!!! Head to Toe!!! You're in our prayers. Life is crazy-busy for me. Ballet! Ballet! Ballet! Dec. 3rd's the date... Your welcome to come w/ ballerina girl! (if you have the grace for it).
Love you!
Anonymous said…

We had so much fun with you all. Glad we got something done but wish it had been more. We are so looking forward to Christmas.......kiss each other for us........love and misses,

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