Pictures I love.

This picture was taken earlier in August when we were at the zoo. I love when Samuel lays his head on Mike's shoulder. It's a sweet sight for me. My two precious men.
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Anonymous said…
Hey Jen,

It is wonderful how you capture such a tender moment.

Thanks for sharing.......we are praying for you all....
Anonymous said…
Wonderful reminds me of the precious, cherished times of my holding Mike in similar fashion...John and Dave, as well, of course...but to see Mike hold his own, as I did him...I am so grateful to see it, so full of joy.
Holding Libby, for me, is quite unique, quite special, she being 'our' first girl, but no less precious, no less cherished. Thanks so much for the pix, Jen...may they be kept and cherished by Mike and Samuel, as well.

Love you,

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