Hearing gone bad...

Samuel's hearing has been super bad lately. His hearing aid hasn't seemed to help a lick. I've been concerned. Thankfully our audiologist is a rock star and I could e-mail her. She got me in on a cancellation yesterday and tested Samuel's hearing. He had an extreme amount of fluid in his ear drums.  His hearing was far, far below normal. Explains why he said, "WHAT???" after everything we would say to him.

Double inner ear infections.

Left audiologist in Norfolk to go to pediatricians in Chesapeake. A prescription for amoxicillin in hand and we were good to go.
picture courtesy of Melanie Wasko Photography

Hoping this fluid clears up quickly... also hoping that this is the primary reason his hearing is off so significantly. Been holding my breath about his left ear. His right ear has the hearing aid but I feel it won't be long before the left goes.

This is what we call a "late effect". By that I mean the things that result from having had treatment that appear any time from 6 months on to decades after. And since Samuel had such an aggressive chemo and radiation treatment there will be serious late effects.

So I'm praying and trusting God with Samuel's lungs, his heart, his kidneys, his bladder. Asking the Lord to continue to heal his body and strengthen him. Thankful for his life. Thankful that we're going to celebrate his 8th birthday on Sunday. God has been so good. And I know whatever comes, it's in His hands. It's part of His plan. And will ultimately be used for God's glory and for Samuel's good.


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