What I've been Reading:

Mike's been reading out loud (by my request) This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence by John Piper. It's brought up some interesting conversations.

I've also been reading a variety of books. One book I picked up to read yesterday and am about halfway through is Free to Be Me: A journey through fear to freedom by Betty Robinson. My mom gave it to me to read and it has Beth Moore giving a blurb on the cover. That's always a plus. I've been pleasantly surprised that it's not a "how-to" book but instead this woman's story. I look forward to reading the rest.

(My cover is different it has a butterfly on the cover)

But I must confess that one of my absolute favorite reads is the following:
*************Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson ************

I will forewarn you it's over a whopping 800 Pages! it looks very intimidating... but it's SO WELL WRITTEN. I love how she expresses herself and the reasons for doing things a specific way. Yes, I have literally read pages on how to properly brew coffee but it explains the WHY you do things that way. It talks about home-making and hospitality in a way that truly grips me. I'm only on the 90th page but I'm reading it all the way through. I started reading this in December.

The copy I have is my sister's given to her as a special gift from our very dear friend Melanie. I love the closeness and connection I feel when I pick up the book. I carry it almost always with me and enjoy splurging on a few pages here and a few pages there.

This book is not to be rushed but to be savored. Of course this isn't going to make me the next "Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart" whoever.... but it will make me understand more of why my job is important. Home keeping is a job to be valued. I will still have dust and things that need attention. My home won't be perfectly organized but I have four small children... but it will help me take more delight in my duties.

(my new favorite)

Another book I'm enjoying is called It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh. I was immediately captured by the title and felt myself nodding as I read it. Yep, it is all too much. It's been a book that I'm going through with Mike so that we can hopefully bring a little more order to our home and the world around us. I'm ready for some change. Serious change. Nothing would please me more than to get rid of half our stuff. So I've already gone through things and gotten rid of bags of toys and things we don't use. I can't wait to go through it all. The garage. Our stuff that's in the barn. Unused pottery. Etc. There is a delicate balance because we are living in my parents home and I need to talk to my parents about what items of theirs do they want or not want. I'm hoping though we will all decide to purge.


Lizzy said…
ohmygosh!! i'm currently reading Home Comforts and This Momentary Marriage right now too! they are both great, in their own ways. I am looking forward to picking up a copy of "Free to Be Me". sounds very good. thanks for sharing!
Wendy said…
Ok, I have to say that This Momentary Marriage is one of the most encouraging books on marriage I have read thus far. So cool!

I would love to read Home Comforts. I will be looking for that one. Isn't Peter Walsh the guy from TLC Clean Sweep show? I loved that show! He has a way of talking about things that really causes you to pause and think. I want to get rid of all our stuff too.

You are doing a great job Jen! Keep it up!
tosha said…
I love love love Home Comforts! Isn't it wonderful?! It's been my go-to gift for new brides for a couple of years.

It's been a blessing to find joy in imaging God by making order out of chaos - even doing it daily - making all things new. It may end up feeling like more of a burden if I end up with as many kids as you :) I will pray that the Napier house will continue to be an extension of the kingdom - not because it's spotless, but because it is a place of shalom and peace. I bet the sweet heart that the Lord has blessed you with goes a long way toward that end.

Much NC love from the Smiths :)
Beth said…
I must admit that I have read Home Comforts in it's entirety, and loved it for the same reasons as you. I discovered it right after it was first published (10 years ago??) I have given each of my girls a copy, thinking it is the best thing out there.
Glad all you young ladies are discovering it as well!!

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