So, another interesting week has begun. I managed to fall down the stairs on Friday. Whoo-hoo, that’s embarrassing. I had my slippers on and was talking to Libby and I just felt my foot slip and boom, boom, boom down the stairs. Smacked the back of my head and gave myself a few good bruises.

Libby threw up on Saturday again so that + the combination of me falling down the stairs meant = no church.

I’ve been a little crazy not having internet access at home. Working on that (my attitude that is). I think having only one car and then no internet makes me feel like I’m really trapped and isolated. Well, that’s the way it used to be for people: only one car and no internet. It’s amazing what we take for granted and selfishly demand as a right and an expectation.

I have been enjoying the time at home. I have found a personal attendant for Michael’s waiver who is helping us with the kids and she is amazing! A true gift from God. I’m amazed at how much she has blessed us with her hard work and loving heart. She is devoted to Michael and yet loving to the other children. Her name is Aleya and she is training to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant.

I look forward to giving you more updates about Aleya. She is really quite incredible. You should see how she has helped me with the house in addition to caring for the kids! Yay. God is answering the cries of my heart.


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