Learn to Look the Other Way

You know you do it... so do I. You look at someone else's pictures or facebook status or blog and you find yourself comparing. Either their life is way better than yours or yours is better than theirs. You're jealous because they did something with someone else... they went to the beach/concert/mall/party, etc. without you. They look better or not as good as you. They said something funny or smart or cute... Your baby is prettier than theirs. Your hair color is not as nice as hers.

Their vacation plans blow yours out of the water. Their grandchildren live close to them. Yours don't. They have money. You have more money. You're cooler. They're way more cooler.
Humpty spent too much time looking on other eggs blogs.
That's how he really fell off the wall!

Comparison. Don't get caught in that pit. Whether it's facebook or pinterest or blogging or flipping through a magazine- GUARD YOUR HEART! It is the wellspring of life. Comparing leads to pride. It leads to judging. It leads to all sorts of problems. So if it's a problem... don't do it. Don't look. Let go of the expectations you have of yourself. Their life might look perfect but it's not. Everyone's life seems pretty from a distance. You're afraid to ask for prayer because really, your situation is not as bad as that other person. Your kid doesn't have cancer. You don't have medical challenges. Or financially your set. Don't let that hold you back from asking for help/prayer/sharing about your challenges. Or you find the reverse... your life is so much harder than theirs. You are financially struggling. You're not as cool. You're not as together as that Mom. You didn't breastfeed or cloth diaper or whatever. STOP COMPARING. Don't let it keep you from sharing about your life or reality. Of being their friend because their issues seem "lesser".

God knows what's going on in each of us. Our lives. Our hearts. Our situations. Our budgets. Our appearances. Trust Him to love you and meet you and that He will love and meet others.

Saying all of this I'm preaching mainly to myself. Don't fall into the comparison pit. It leads to jealousy, gossip, anger, frustration, self-pity, bitterness, etc.

Rejoice in the good of your life and in others.
Griever the sorrow in your life and others.


Jessica Rockey said…
Thanks friend:) I need to remind myself of this OFTEN.

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