Clean Sheets & Duct-Tape Diapers.

One of the interesting things about having small children is how they change your world.

Our latest endeavor has been to attempt to keep diapers on Ian & Michael. Most mornings we would find them stripped of their pants or shorts and with their diaper off. This has made it really hard keeping their sheets clean... not to mention, the mess of their diapers everywhere.

Our solution... duct tape.

Yep, we tape their diapers on them. At first we thought it enough to just tape the front where the pull tabs are. That is not sufficient. So now we know we have to tape all the way around. It's quite comical but it works for now.

I recently had changed my bedding. I was excited to crawl into bed with clean sheets and comforter. No sooner had I crawled into bed when I discovered that I wasn't the first one in bed. Bits of graham cracker were all over the bed, under the sheets. I was tempted to get frustrated but then I realized something. This is a mark of the season of life I'm in. This won't be for forever. Someday I will probably miss and wish for the days where there is crushed graham cracker on my bed.

Most days I'm covered in bits of food. Oatmeal stains or applesauce smeared or chocolate lip prints on my shirt. I stay clean until I get up with the kids... it's all over from there. Someday it will change. Someday I'll be able to take a shower when I want... I might even fix my hair or wear make-up everyday. Until then I'm going to try and enjoy the gifts of today.

My clothes and sheets might not be clean. My house might stay a mess for awhile. The laundry and dishes might go undone. But I have little people to love and care for and train. And all of it feels worth it when I hear those little voices telling me, "I love you Mama!"


Caren said…
Jen, we had to duct tape maire and katy's diapers on them at some point too...I remember coming into their room and seeing poop smeared on the wall...luckily, neither of them were finger suckers :)
Anonymous said…

You are my heroine.........Good for your wisdom of realizing what is most important........Blessings and Much Love for the way you live your life for our Saviour and your precious little ones....who will be big before you know it.
Much love,
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Jennifer, you are such an amazing mommy. You are a fun mommy too. We are having the same problem with Libbie, thanks for the idea I need to try that, She has been taking off her diaper too and i is always dry then she pee-pee's in her bed lol what a silly girl. :) Hope to get together soon, miss ya and love ya too. Praying for you everyday.Tiffani
Anonymous said…
Jen, this is a very wise perspective. How easy to become frustrated or even angry at the small things that seem to mean so much, that are such an apparent 'inconvenience' to us. I can say--from that future perspective you've speculated about--that you will so desire, someday, to see those cracker crumbs, the duct tape-needy diapers, the daily growth in body mind and spirit of those most precious one's.
The precious memories you will hold in those future days will serve you well. Mine do, and I cherish them. And then, you will have grandchildren to renew and update your precious memory collection... how kind of the Lord to do this for us.
Thanks Jen.
Anonymous said… me sometime. Trying to get in touch with you. It's important. :)



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