Stealing Ideas.

Katie- I totally copied from your blog the super cute image of watching my babies grow and giving myself a countdown! I couldn't help myself... it's really amazing.

I am marveling constantly at the movement I feel inside me. This morning I was awakened by rolling, punching, and kicking. It's amazing. These two little boys have already had hiccups and I think wrestle each other on a daily basis.

I'm about to go have coffee with my friend Sarah and am looking forward to talking abut cloth diapers, baby gear, and catching up on what's going on in her life. She has two boys. I really should glean some tips :)

Well, off to blow-dry my hair so I look semi-presentable. After my shower I had to sit down and recover myself. Yep, tired that quick. Scary, huh?


Ginger said…
cloth?! go mama!
Don't worry Jen, I took the idea from someone else too :) Sounds like they are way more active than what they look like on the widget though :)
AmyB said…
So, cloth?! I'm still trying to decide if I want to tackle that or not -Ginger & Rebekah J. have been SUPER helpful!

Totally understand the "sit down after the shower to catch your breath" thing. When I was preggo (YAY! not preggo anymore!! :0) ), I'd be standing washing my face and have to sit 'cause I'd be outta breath. You're right, it's rediculous! :-) Can't wait to see you!!!
Judy said…
Wow, cloth diapers? I don't know if I ever could... Maybe I don't know enough about them.
Katherine M. said…
Jennifer, I think we tried cloth for about one day with our first.(Rebekah) Don said something like, "We are not doing this. No way!" I used them for cleaning rags after that.

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