Article up.

thanks Danielle for even reminding me that my article is up! I wrote about my experience of falling in love with Jesus. You can read my latest article on Ungrind called "Wooed Over Italian." Hope you enjoy.


anne said…
thanks Jennifer...I can SO relate! Great artice and thanks for the compliments on mine. :) I haven't seen your blog before but I will have to come back and visit weekly for sure!
Nice to "meet" you finally! :)
erin. said…
yay! I'm glad you let us know when your articles are posted. Can't wait to read it. I need to add Ungrind to my Google Reader.
Joy said…
Great article! I really appreciate how you are willing to share your heart and what the Lord is doing in your life with such honesty and sincerity.
I hope all is well!
Praying for you and the fam!

Love ya!
Unknown said…
Loved reading your article on Ungrind. Thank you for sharing your Italian dinner experience with us. I had a feature on goals on Ungrind last month. It's such a beautiful resource.

Congratulations on your twins and your wonderful family. Please visit my website if you need some encouragement along the way. I'd be honored to have you visit!

Arlene Pellicane
Sarah said…
Hey Jennifer Leigh

Your article was great and very thought provoking in a good way! Thanks for keeping on keeping on - you're an inspiration.

Love you lots xxx

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