Trusting the Lord.

There are moments when I feel my weakness more keenly. This is one of those moments. I went to have another ultrasound yesterday as well as having a consultation with a high-risk doctor. I left there anxious and panicked. The boys are doing fine as far as we can see but once again I am having too much amniotic fluid. This is what happened with Samuel and it put me into labor at 26 weeks with him. One of the boys is a bit bigger than he's "supposed" to be. I'm measuring 38 weeks along. You are supposed to be bigger with twins.. but not that much bigger... again, what happened with Samuel. And with my swelling and contractions the doctor was concerned about pre-ecclampsia. She wanted my blood pressure taken and my cervix checked and a glucola test (test for gestational diabetes) run.

So today I went to my OBGYN and took the glucola test. I don't remember when I'm supposed to have the results on that. I also had my cervix checked and it's soft. I haven't dilated thankfully but it's not good that it's softening. I'm only 24 1/2 weeks pregnant. So I'm on modified bed-rest and have to be checked every 2 weeks with an ultrasound every 3 weeks. My blood pressure was perfect (praise God for that!) I will still need to be tested every couple of weeks for pre-ecclampsia. The mid-wife was kind and wonderful though. She encouraged me to rest and rest and rest. She reminded me that my main (and only) job right now is to grow two boys. She also helped me by getting the information for my OBGYN in Chesapeake and is calling them on my behalf to secure an appointment.

When I had called Chesapeake's office earlier they refused to make an appointmnent for me until I had insurance. She's calling to stress the dire need for me to have continuous care and have a smooth transition. I am so thankful that she is willing to be my advocate. What a mercy!

So the plan right now is for Mike to take the kids and I down to Va March 2nd... yes, a lot earlier than we had planned originally. He wants me to be down there in case I need extra help or need to be hospitalized. That way we'll have family and friends there to help us out with the kids. A definite blessing.

The Napiers flew in yesterday morning which was great- it enabled Mike to take me to the doctors and drop me off while he took Samuel to the pediatrician for his follow-up. Samuel is doing great. He still has a cough and is on 9 medicines but he's nowhere close to as bad as he was in the hospital.

Mike and I were able to go on a date last night. It was wonderful to have time to talk. We did some more registering at Target which was fun and we went to TJ Maxx and he got new pillows and bedding as a gift for me! If I have to be in bed all the time at least I get to be in a gorgeous looking comfy bed. The bedding is baby blue, chocolate brown and khaki... I LOVE it! And quality pillows really make a difference in my sleep.

Mike has also been really kind and comforting in the midst of all the stress. We were able to talk about our disappointmnet at not having a romantic week-end and marriage retreat. We also talked about Samuel's birthday and when we would celebrate and such. It's been such a crazy time with so much different complicated things going on.

Mike's plan will be to pack up the house and move without me being around so I w
on't be stressed out by moving. He doesn't even want me around when they unpack. He's so kind to take care of me that way.

This time of weakness and dependence on others has been trying. It's been hard to let others help me when I feel like it's something so simple. I had to humble myself and call someone today and ask if they would help me on Saturday walk up 3 flights of stairs so I can attend a baby shower. HUMBLING. Yet I am thankful when people are kind and gracious and help me. I know the Lord will sustain me and I need to take it one day at a time.

Right now I am so blessed to have the Napiers here to help out with the kids and let Mike take me to appointments.

On a fun note Baby A is 1 pound 13 oz. and Baby B is 1 lb. 8 oz. We think Baby A was conceived first so that could account for him being a little bigger.

Well, a nap is calling my name! I need to rest, rest, rest. Trying to avoid the hospital :)


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, am praying for you. For the boys to stay in there for at least 10 more weeks, for that cervix to stop softening, and for plenty of rest. Love you and wish there was more, in the practical sense, that I could do!
Thanks for the updates. I'm glad that you are getting some more help as you are in the battlelines of parenting four young children. Your moving date is quickly approaching, and I feel like I'm just getting to know you!...
Sarah said…
I'm praying too. The way you guys cope with all the things you cope with is still so inspirational, even if it doesn't feel like it to you. And while it is never easy feeling weak, don't forget that you serve others in so many ways you won't even think about (your prayers, your blog posts, your lovely cards in the mail at just the right time to make people smile) and serving you as a friend will be a privilege and a blessing to the people around you right now - because they get to be part of God's plan for your amazing family.

Keep napping! Big hugs xx
Caren said…
Jen, dont worry about asking for help. Family and friends are there for that! Rest, Rest, Rest. You have many many people praying for you and those boys. At least 10 more weeks boys! Stay inside!
Anonymous said…
Jen, a true friend would understand that it might not be in the best interest of you or the babies to walk up 3 flights of stairs in your condition to attend a baby shower for them. Be wise in the expenditure of your steps and energy. This is just a season in your life when it is impossible to do all that you would like. It is not forever (although it may seem like it). Be at peace in the now moment and rest in it. The learning curve is not easy to submit to, but God is faithful and never leaves you. Allow Him to be your satisfaction and contentment at this critical time. Rest in Him. Be at peace.
Bekah said…
Praying for you and Mike and the babies! You are in my you!

Michelle said…
Whew girl. I'm praying for you. I am so excited to have you close to me again. Yeah! I want to see that belly in person! hehe
Rebekah Judd said…
So glad you're coming to Chesapeake, and earlier than expected. Enjoy being helped by others. Think about how much you enjoy it when you can help others out...and you are providing people with that joy of serving. Let people treat you like the princess you are!!
Anonymous said…
The Lord will sustain and keep you and the boys as well as Libby and Samuel....Be wise, conserve your energy for the four little ones with a bit left over for Mike.........Our God is so big so good and so Mighty, there's nothing that our God can't do......He is faithful in His part but we must be faithful to use the wisdom He has given us. Those little ones inside and out are a priority. True Friends understand this, too. We really do.

Blessings with a cover of prayers
Anonymous said…
I'll be praying for you. You're handling this great, if you ask me. I'll be praying that the Lord will keep those babies in there!

BTW, your beddings sounds wonderful. I love that color combo. It sounds like what I want for our room, when we redo it.

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