Happy February!

Greetings from the buddha belly. Where once my belly button was an "innie" but is now an "outie". Where my stretch marks are large and in charge thanks to my darling son Samuel and my overstretched tummy of last pregnancy...

Happy February. I know it sounds funny but with the coming of a new month I feel some relief. I am getting closer. I feel like I'm in a race and trying to get to the end feels far off but I want to persevere and make it.

I am really, really tired. The boys are literally kicking the crap out of me. They're kicks are so strong and frequent it's making me nauseous. Yet with every kick I am grateful for the lives of these boys. Grateful that they're growing stronger and bigger. These guys really need to play soccer or something...

Off to bed. Just finished watching Spellbound, an extremely interesting documentary about the national championship spelling bee.

Well, goodnight then.


Anonymous said…
I just read your article on ungrind. Loved it! Your writing is very warm and personal.
Jennifer said…
Thanks Danielle. I'm glad you liked it. I was feeling a little uncertain about it. Have a good day!

Bethany said…
so cute
Michelle said…
Spellbound is soooooo funny. I watch it when I need a good laugh. hehe

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