hello. sunshine.

Sipping away at my hot lemon & honey concotion I've made. Holding Ian on my lap and a tissue in my hand. I think I have a sinus infection. Isn't that fun. You know the feeling where you feel throughout the night stuff dripping down the back of your throat, which you know is going to hurt your throat in the morning but you don't really care because you've been awaken like 30 times and you're just trying to sleep.

Ian is trying to help by typing... so this might take a little longer than I thought. Samuel has managed to drag the baby bath tub upstairs this morning. Libby wants me to make a sign that says "Samuel Can't Have Any Food" because apparently he got on her bed.

But you should have seen me yesterday as I whipped through the house doing over 5 loads of laundry, cleaning, washing, picking-up, straightening, nursing, feeding, wiping.

I made pot-roast, home-made bread, and the most delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. so you might think, "wow, pretty good". the problem with ignoring boundaries is that there is a price to pay... exhaustion. Overdoing it is not a good thing... but it wasn't until way too late i realized my mistake. hmmmm. does there seem to be a pattern?

so now off to put ian down for a nap and keep libby and samuel from tearing the house apart... and clean off the spit-up i was just showered with.


Anonymous said…

Please, PLEASE put up a picture of the sign Libby wanted if she ends up making it herself (assuming you are not going to make it). I almost laughed out loud in class when I read that. I am still trying to stifle it.

Sunshine is underrated. So are sunsets (believe it or not). Take every opportunity to get as much of both as you can. Love and peace to you, the children and your husband.

John Meade
Sarah said…
Ah - I had that infection over the weekend. Burning throat and just getting over the shift of gross when you lie down to sleep when your bundle of joy wakes up for another feed and you have to get upright and it all moves again. LOVELY.

Hope you feel better soon!

And Libby is full on hilarious. Big sisters are the best!!

Hugs xx
Katherine M. said…
Hi Jennifer! We've had that sinus infection too, and I think I gave it to Rebekah and family. NOT GOOD!
I haven't forgotten you and will come by soon to hang out and help. I'm at Rebekah's some these days now that she is back to work.
I was excited to read about Libby's prayer. Remember your sister Libby was just five when our Katelyn died, and even though she didn't know us the Lord used it to cause her to ask about heaven. From what I understand, it seemed from then on her heart was all about loving Jesus.
Hope you are feeling better. Much love!
Jennifer said…
Katherine, I've never forgotten about that. Even when my sister was older she always said it was the conversation about Katelyn that ended up bringing her to faith in Jesus.

John- Unfortunately I didn't allow my girl to make a sign.... I thought that punishment by deprivation of food by merely being on one's bed was a little over the top :) Glad it made you laugh... it made me laugh too!
John Meade said…

Oh, you are so absolutely right about the punishment not fitting the crime. I didn't know if she would try to make the sign herself, and then a picture would be totally appropriate. But I am glad you are instilling a sense of the balance of justice in Libby. I figure that the girl will wield whatever power she has with force--and she must be shown how to use it in measure.

Still, I hope she continues with these gems. Man, I don't laugh enough these days and she is so much joy for me. Anyway, I am praying you feel better.


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