24 Hours.

So last week-end I had the privilege of getting away for a few days. I got to hang out with some members of my writer's group. They reminded we started in 2005. Wow. That's a long time. This was our first retreat and it was a pleasure to laugh, eat good food and talk about writing. We talked about article ideas, publishing, writing books, etc. And boy was I inspired. I ended up writing 20,000 words. And did I mention the yummy food. I'm so thankful they have such an appreciation for GOOD food...

But prior to their coming down I had 24 hours by myself. I drove down by myself and slept alone... and enjoyed peace and quiet... and music... I lit candles and read a novel (Agatha Christie). I took an hour long bubble bath... and I do not exaggerate... okay, it might have been longer than an hour. I don't know. I went to bed early and woke up too early so I let myself go back to sleep... just because I could.

This had been the first time, literally, in YEARS that I spent 24 hours by myself. Yes, I've had breaks but they have always involved being with Mike or being with friends... never just me. Always with someone I know. But it felt good to be me without anyone. To eat when and what I wanted. I didn't even have a proper dinner just a PB&J and yogurt. :) I kept the place tidy and clean and there was no one there to mess things up but me. It was kind of a shocking surprise. Oh yeah, I guess 5 kids do affect your living space!

I somehow, don't ask me how exactly, forgot my pants. I drove down in sweatpants and I had packed TWO pairs of pajama pants but I didn't have any other pants- no jeans, khakis- nothing. Awkward, especially because they weren't cute sweats... they were, well, something to wear when I didn't care how anyone saw me. My jeans (my favorite go-to wear) were left neatly folded by my bed. Mike told me to go get some pants. You don't have to ask me twice. I went to the Gap outlet (again, by myself) and found a cute pair of jeans for a good price. I then also found a black skirt and a cute denim skirt ($7.99- yeah, baby). What a treat. I left the store wearing my new jeans.

All in all, what a great reminder what 24 hours can do for someone. Make them feel alive and like a person. And kind of remember who they are. I've also recently come across some revelations about my identity... but I'll save that for another post but I'll leave it at this... it's been so good of God to remind me of who I am... I am His and that makes all the difference.


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