Got Stains?

The other day I bathed 5 children and a dog in 20 minutes. That may not sound impressive to you but everyone's body and hair was washed and for me that's a small miracle.

The next morning was my son Samuel's 6th birthday and I got donuts as a surprise for breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the frosting and sprinkles and gooeyness. I got the kids ready for school and out the door and on the bus and was getting ready to drive Ian to school when I noticed something. I noticed Penny, our new puppy, had some  fur in sticky clumps. I couldn't figure out what happened. I touched the fur where it was matted. Aaagh, the donuts. The kids had been eating their donuts and instead of washing their hands had been petting the dog. So much for a clean dog.

Keeping children "clean" is a difficult task. It can be the yogurt or oatmeal spilled or sloshed onto their shirt, pants, or rubbing something from their fingers into their hair. It can be something they did or something done to them. Recently I was dealing with a child with a bloody nose on Valentine's Day. Their shirt got all "red"... yay. And it's bad enough when they have stains and smears on their clothes or cheeks or hands or hair.... but they love to "share" it with me.

My days are so busy that I don't often look at myself in the mirror... literally, all day. So when I do I'm always shocked to find that I'm covered in something. Sometimes it's my fault- coffee stains. Often though it's applesauce or mashed graham cracker or Peter's sloppy kisses that made it to my shirt instead of my lips.

So yeah, I'm not much of a dresser. Which is probably a good thing. Because it doesn't bother me terribly that my clothes get destroyed. That's why jeans and a shirt or sweater are my go to outfit. They're kid friendly apparel.

Some day my appearance will matter more. Someday I will look decent. And if you see a brown stain on my clothes... it's not from changing my child's diaper... it's chocolate.


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