Bumps and Bruises

So today Michael took a tumble down the front porch stairs. It's not a far fall (about 4 steps) but it's brick. He ended up with a huge egg on his forehead. He wasn't unconscious and wasn't vomiting but I still wasn't sure if he needed to be checked out.

Michael's Icepack
So we went to the doctor's. I love that they're available Saturdays for emergency/sick appt. It's wonderful. One of my favorite CNP's saw him. He's supposed to have ibuprofen every 6 hours and ice for the swelling. They also wrote us a script for x-rays if he were to get worse... start acting loopy, vomiting, etc.

Yay. I'm so thankful that even in the midst of unplanned events that things can come together. I'm glad I could take him to the doctor. Glad he's alright. Glad we have a back-up plan in our back pocket if something changes.

Look forward to showing you a picture of his head soon. I was told it's going to bruise bad and turn every color.

At least I had a "cool" icepack on hand.


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