Funny how life has a way of resolving itself. For the time being our internet is working. Samuel went to the doctors and $220 later he has medicine for pink eye and a bacterial infection behind his ear. Mike's car passed inspection. He ended up staying yesterday to take Samuel to the doctor and getting his car taken care of. He also took me to my appointment. Still having LOTS of contractions, but again no change. The doctor said she thinks I might make it for another month or more... can you imagine that? I'm measuring 49 weeks. Isn't that fun. Yes, that means I'm huge in case you're wondering.

I'm without the children this morning and it's very strange. I woke up at 7 and took a bath. Ate breakfast. Put on some music. And am sipping some hot tea.

My friend Kelsey arrived yesterday afternoon. It is so GREAT to have her. What a blessing. I love having her here. And she hasn't even been here 24 hours. I already kept her up past 1 a.m. talking and talking and talking. Guess I'll be needing a nap today.

Feeling restless. Want to put everything in it's place that is humanly possible... but there really isn't that much to do. It's a nice problem to have. You know you have issues when you're cleaning your cleaning supplies. But there really was dirt and such on the bottles.

It's been a dreary couple of days but I've been enjoying the buds on the trees and the flowers in bloom and the wind chimes at my door.

Well, maybe I'll go and take that nap now...


Wendy said…
Wow! You go girl! I am so excited you are doing so well. If it makes you feel better, I contracted the whole pregnancy with the boys. I just didn't know what it was until I was 26 weeks and in the hospital.

I am so excited to see your boys. Wow, how fun.
Sarah said…
So glad you're back blogging! 31 weeks! A big "Amen" from this side of the pond... Glad things are resolving around you and hope you have a wonderful and blessed time with Kelsey. I'm going to email you later... xx
Judy said…
So good to hear from you! Yes, yes, go take a nap. Relax & take it easy! :)
Kate Thomas. said…
Hey Jen,
I just read about JoAnne, I've been crying, sean and i are sooo sorry. We love them so much, too. Please send her our love. Please update us as much as possible. We will be praying so hard. She has such a dear place in out hearts.
Glad to here you are doing ok. We love you guys.
Jessica Rockey said…
Im so sorry about your Aunt. I don't understand God sometimes... most of the time. Im glad Kels is here. I know you're in good hands. It been a rough week... lots of tears on this end too. Talk to you soon. Love you.

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