Going Home

Jennifer is definitely going home today. The boys, however, will be staying in the hospital so they can continue to be monitored and receive some extra attention.

As you know, Michael was moved off the ventilator and onto c-pap (a step in the right direction), but he has been agitated and uncomfortable today and fighting the c-pap. They are doing an eco-cardiogram on his heart and an x-ray (not entirely sure what these were for, Jennifer didn't say). Both Michael and Ian are under photo-therapy for their jaundice (common in preemies).

Mike plans to stay in Virgina this week so that he and Jennifer can visit the boys daily. Next week, if the boys are still in the hospital, he will head back to Pennsylvania to finish up his last regular week of school (finals are the week after that). Jennifer expressed that he is so close to the end, and asked that everyone pray for him.



Bethany said…
Wendy said…
Jennifer, you look so good! I can't tell you how honestly glad and happy I am for you. The boys look great. They are so big(for premie's)! The quilts are beautiful...

It is hard to leave them I am sure, but at least they have each other. You don't have to take one and leave one... I would just second your plan to rest. I found sleeping (I know you have little ones, but if there is anyway...) really helped with post pardum stuff and milk production.

I can't wait to see your boys. We are definetly coming east in Nov/Dec. How fun! Praying for you all!
anne said…
whoa. I missed a ton. I haven't checked the blog in a few days (we have been sick here) and you have two beautful baby boys!!!
I am glad that they are doing well. i will continue to pray for them, and for you, Jen as you recover. YAY for going home!
Definately praying for Mike and his finals.
The blankets from Ash are beautiful, my boys have ones as well. So beautiful and Evan's security.
Beautiful boys, and Jen, you look great!
Chalene Baird said…
Mike & Jen,
I'm praying for you guys!! I am sooo happy that they're here safely and that you're in good health. They are sooo darling and you look like you were glowing in the before shots.

Love you guys!

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