quick note

I'm out on a date with mike so I will keep this quick. Our internet is "spotty" so so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It has been such a joy having Kelsey here. She's been a HUGE help! This morning I went out with a friend to a mom's of multiples sale. I found some clothes for the kids as well as a really nice swing for $20... score!

I am realizing more and more how much my attitude affects others. I was praying and asking God about how I am going to handle four kids and how would I deal with the chaos of 4 children under three. His response was simple. He reminded me that the way I react and responds (especially my attitude) to what is going on is more important than what is happening. I can take a hard situation and bring joy to it by having a joyful attitude. I can take a good day and make it bad if I'm sour. So just some thoughts I've been having.

Monday I'll be 32 weeks. Wow.


Wendy said…
Hey! Great perspective...thanks for the reminder. It is easy to get caught up in life and forget the focus should be up and not out. I needed that thought today!

You are going to be a great mom to four kids under 4. One day at a time girl, one moment at a time. And way to go to 32 weeks!!!! YEAH!! (Have you already passed when Samuel was born??)
Ashleigh said…
Great reminder, Jennifer. I feel like God's been teaching me that too recently. It's just been taking me a while to "get it."

I've got a package for you I'm hoping to get out soon!
Ginger said…
praise God for his reminders! Im praying for you Jenn..your kids are blessed to have you loving ang teaching them
Les said…
Jenn- I have a nice wardrobe of Luke's 2T stuff from last summer, would you like it for Samuel??? lesinva@hotmail.com
Tess Bush said…
Jennifer it was wonderful seeing you! You have such a sweet spirit (as my dad says some things never change). Those kids are so blessed to have a mom like you. Your joy bubbles over and even after a bad day you always end up facing the Father! That is a true example to your kids!
Love you friend!
Kate Van said…
even without 4 kids at my heels- i totally agree with the comment 'i can take a good day and sour it with my attitude!' Praise God for His perfect sacrifice & forgiveness!

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