Tired Women Tells All.

You know you're tired when...
-you walk into the men's bathroom and don't even realize it's the men's until you spot your husband.
-you call up your son's nursery team and they answer, "Hello.  Team One." and your respond, "Hello, team one. Ooops.  I mean, I know YOUR name is not team one..."
-you eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Okay, I'm tired people.  But I'm guessing that's not a big shocker :)

Michael is off his nasal canula and is breathing room air now!  No assistance.  He is doing well with it except when it comes to feeds and then he tends to desat. (drop on his oxygen levels a bit)

Ian is doing two bottle feeds a day.  I get to nurse him as well but am finding it's really hard to get him to wake up... but he's got a really hearty cry when he does.

Mike is leaving for PA tomorrow morning.  I'm in denial and not really thinking about it.  It's his last week of classes though and that's a comfort.  He will have to arrange a way in which to take his finals over a period of two days as opposed to over two weeks.

I think I look pretty "normal" but I don't feel normal.  I think I'll be fine and then all of a sudden an emotional outburst comes out of nowhere.  I have to be really careful because Libby is really sensitive to emotions.  She has asked me, "Mommy are you angry?"  "Mama, are you crying?  Why are you crying?"  She is very aware of everything going on.  She loves to talk about Michael and Ian and my surgery.  She's already made some pretty funny comments.  When I can remember the wording I'll post it for you.

Well, Mike has gone to pick up the kids and will swing by Panera to pick me up.  Yeah for working internet access... hope to get myself some one day :)




Caren said…
Jen, I'm praying for you during this next week. I'm glad Michael is doing better. Hang in there! You're doing awesome!
Anonymous said…
I love you, friend. I will keep praying for you. Life won't be "normal" for a while and that's okay. This too shall pass. One day at a time...

Please tell Mike I will be praying for him this week.

I love you always.

Wendy said…
Isn't it cool how "normal" is always changing...yet God is always the same. I am praying for your little ones...all 4. Libby will be such a little helper! Take care of you.

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