A new day

It's a new day over there at Norfolk General. Ian is off all oxygen and breathing on his own! (Yeah!)

Michael is doing better as well. He is still intubated but only receiving room oxygen. He just needs a little bit of help forcing the air in his lungs to keep them open. Today they are working on slowly weaning him from the ventilator.

Yesterday when I saw Jennifer she looked like a sleepy mix of drugged and exhausted. That was before she was able to see the boys though. After she was wheeled back to see her sons for the first time, she appeared rejuvenated and more herself.

She is still struggling with pain though -- counting down the hours until her next dose of medication. Though she was able to sleep last night and is on solid food and walking, she said the pain is "bad".

I've been printing your comments and bringing them up to the hospital. They are feeling your love and appreciate it!



Rebekah Judd said…
Thanks for doing this, Michelle. I can't believe how beautiful those boys are...perfect little faces. I guess I can believe it because they come from such good-looking parents, but still...babies are supposed to look a little funky at first. All our love to Jennifer and Mike. We're praying the pain medication works magic for Jennifer.
Anonymous said…
We are so happy Ian is off the oxygen and that Michael is doing better. We love you and you are constantly in our prayers. Love, /Auntie Barb, Great Grandmother, and Sherry.. Hugs and kisses to all. XXXXXXXXXXXX
Catherine said…
So glad you are all doing well. Congrats, guys! Jenn, I hope you have a quick recovery and that you can get those boys home soon. Much love to you all.

Sara of Sweden said…
Jennifer and Mike,
We're so happy for you! Such beautiful boys! We're glad they're getting better! Sweden feels so far away and we want to come in person to congratulate you! Meantime we use the internet and email MANY blessings, congratulations, and much much love from Sara, Daniel and Thea
Caren said…
Yay! I'm so glad Ian is off the oxygen, and Michael is doing better. Jen, I hope you continue to feel better...Congratulations again, on two beautiful babies!
Lizzy said…
Again, congrats on two gorgeous sons!! Way to go, Jenn! Praying for all of you!!
Judy said…
Thanks for the updates Michelle. Jen, you'll be in my prayers... Here's to a speedy recovery! :) Much love, Judy
Wendy said…
Michelle, you are counted as a true friend. Thank you for serving and loving Jenn and Mike as you are!

I am so excited for you guys. We just pulled out all the pictures on the 7th birthday out here. One tip...from someone who forgets, mark the backs of the photos with who is who! Thinking of you all...lots of love!
Dear Michael and Jennifer:

Congratulations on the arrival of Ian and Michael. They look wonderful.

John, Nevine, Ashley, Gabbie, David and Alex

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