Chocolate Girls.

Chocolate lovers unite.  Libby and I have been enjoying some chocolate as of late.  We ate ice-cream before I had the boys.  She literally licked her bowl clean.  Mmm... something sweet to eat and precious time with my girl.  Gotta enjoy the girl time because our world is getting dominated by the boys in our lives!  We love them though!


Ashleigh said…
Absolutely love the picture of you and Libby together!!!!

Ava and I are starting to eat chocolate together. It's so fun! Olivia doesn't like chocolate. Poor girl. Hopefully she'll grow out of it.
Tess Bush said…
What a sweet picyure! Libby looks so much like you! :-)
Jen you look GREAT! You look so young and cheerful. The joy of the Lord IS your strength - I can see it in your smile. :)

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