A morning without Mike.

Today Mike was playing on the worship team which meant that he had to be there ready to rock n roll by 7 a.m. Which also meant that I was left to get the 4 nuggets to church...by myself. This is not a feat to be taken lightly :)

Amidst losing a contact lens, fixing breakfast, getting kids dressed (did I mention the undertaking of putting tights on Libby),Ian with a fever & strange red welts on his head (which ended up just to be mosquito bites) and Samuel eating nail polish... we still managed to get to church on time. In fact we were in the sanctuary BEFORE the first song ever played. Now isn't that we call a miracle?

I am so amazed on those days when I don't know how I'm going to do it, God enables me. What a joy to worship and participate. Samuel was enthralled watching Mike play bass on stage and Libby did well as the twins were content to just stare and take in the sights and sounds.

Next week all three boys are getting dedicated... now that's the day I hope we really get there on time. Wink, wink. Who knows maybe two weeks in a row?


Sarah said…
Wow Jennifer I'm really impressed - we always seem to sneak in just at the nick of time and we've only got the one munchkin! Good job!

Hope the dedication goes well - wish we could be there for such a special day - will be thinking of and praying for yor precious boys...
wendy said…
Wow! You go girl...that is great. How encouraging...when you can look up in the midst of a Sunday am alone...I have done many of those myself. And aren't those skitter bites on the head scary...I didn't know what to think, but it went away quickly I hope.

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