Libby Anne Hope.


Bethany said…
She is getting so big. Beautiful
Anonymous said…
cute tights!
Anonymous said…
Look at my Sugar Plum!! I miss her so much! Can't wait to see her, Samuel and the twins...and you all!

Love you...
Anonymous said…
Libby Anne Hope! What a beautiful, precious, tender-hearted girl. She is so dear to my heart. :)

Praying for her. Please give her a smooch for me. I love you guys.

Anonymous said…
I think Libby has really jumped into a new baby, just a sweet girl who loves her Mommy and Poppa and little brothers. She is so sensitive and full of joy and all the emotional gamut. She is so aware of her surroundings and what is going on with others. She is very much like her beautiful Mommy. What a joy she is to all of us and we rejoice that the Lord has given us such a precious granddaughter. Mommy and Poppa, keep up the good work begun and may the race continue......she is so precious to us. Love you Libby Girl.......stay sweet,.
Mymike and Fafee

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