The Thing about Target.

Okay the truth is that I'm putting off exercising at the moment. Looking for an excuse I guess... but I will keep this short so that I will exercise. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Anyway, I don't know if you have this problem but I have a problem when I see red little stickers. Specifically red little stickers while I'm in Target. It means that the item is on sale. That's a dangerous thing. Because the item could be ugly, it could serve me no purpose whatsoever but for some reason those stinkin' marketing people know that all they need to do is put a red sticker and I'm hooked. I look and re-look and evaluate the product. Lately my prayer has been when I walk in the store, "Lord, help me buy only what we truly need." I mean, I do have legitimate needs for my family, like diapers or toilet paper, etc. But those legitimate needs don't look like stationary or crafting supplies or that amazing new kitchen gadget. Aaaggghhhh. So, I'm trying to dismiss the little red stickers and when I see them I now try and say, "Get behind me Satan." as opposed to, "Get thee in my shopping cart." But sometimes it does happen that there is something I truly need or would really, really like (that we have the money for) and it just happens to have the little red sticker, then you gotta yell, "Praise Him!"


Michelle said…
Agh. I will be praying for you in your temptation there. I have gotten to the point where I HATE going to the mall. I heard a saying once when I was a teenager "I buy things I don't need with money I don't have to impress people I don't like". I don't know about the impressing people part but it can be therapeutic to buy things sometimes, huh? Especially when we live in a culture that has less than accurate view regarding budgets, debts, needs, wants, desires, stewardship, clutter, spending, savings, etc. I could go on. But what i really wanted to do is let you know that I understand and will join you in pray that you will be released from the materialism monster that is urging you to buy buy buy.

Lots of love.

Ashleigh said…
Will be praying!

Ahhh ... self-control when it comes to shopping. I can relate. I'm getting better here, but still have room to grow. I took the girls shopping the other day and ended up buying myself a jacket I really liked but could've waited for a better price on. It was on sale. So it really wasn't expensive at all, but normally more than I like to pay. But I was emotional and well, now it's hanging in my closet. I definitely wasn't practicing self-control.
Kate Van said…
Jen this post is very timely as we are watching our spending very closely for a time. I'm now in the habbit of calling Clay oftn when I think I found a great find. He always helps me evaluate if the purchase is a wise one! PS- I just stared doing this like . . . this oast week or so! HEHE! Do as I say & not as I do!
Bethany said…
I don't even need the red stickers....Target for me is just plain dangerous!!!!! HEE HEE. Sometimes I will just buy diapers at the grocery store because honestly I know they are more expensive there but it saves me money in the long run because I go into target to buy diapers and tp and such and come out an hour later with a cart full. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????

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