Savings anyone?

Are your juices going... ready set, answer.

What are some practical ways to save money, spend less, etc? In other words, what is your best money tip?

go for it.


Caren said…
1. plan your menus at least a week before you shop for the food.
2. Look for coupons
3. Don't eat out. Always eat at home, unless its a special occasion.
4. make a budget and stick to it.
There are more...I cant wait to see what everyone else says!
Sara of Sweden said…
EXTRA PORTIONS while cooking dinner! Perfect to put in the freezer/fridge and eat for lunch the day after or take out when the cooking-imagination has disappeared.
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, I am SO looking forward to people's answers here. I need to continually learn in this area. I normally save money by shopping clearances, including the sales at the grocery store. I shop at about 3 different grocery stores because there are certain things at each which are better prices.
Wendy said…
Have a change jar. I love my change jar. Charlie will empty his pockets into our big jar everyday and once a year I wrap coins and get a 50 - 100 dollar bonus. Usually I do this around Christmas time so there is some extra cash for gifts and stuff. And once the kiddos are a little bigger they can count the coins.

Love your questions Jenn!
Katybeth said…
Brew your own coffee :-)
Anonymous said…
After all these years of failure, I am beginning to remember when I am shopping to ask myself questions. Ex. Do I really need this. That is usually an automatic NO. Is it on sale??? Yes will give me a chance to ask again......Do I really need this? What will I do with it. It is good to look for sales on gift items that you may want to bless someone with for a birthday or thank you, or hostess gift when you stay with someone. Usually notecards......or journals.....TJ MAXX and Marshalls are great places. Even a sweet baby size vase for toothpicks or a few pansies is a lovely gift. Use what you have.....don't always think just because it is on sale it is a good deal......unless it is something you use alot.

Food wise..........don't overbuy.......stuff spoils before you can use it.....small trips when you are out anyway can replenish what you really need or asking Mike to take your list and go........he "may" not (sTICK TO YOUR LIST)
see as much as you might. We women have an inbred fear that we won't have enough........I am learning that aobut myself and am really going to try to avoid that thinking. And last of all, start a savings account, even if it is a change jar.......Wendy's idea is great. Especially if you have a goal to use it overnight or dinner out or a trip to London. The best thing you can do now is to learn to save and stay out of that account. Except for when you really NEED it.
Happy savings and I am looking forward to other comments to spur me on.
love ya,
Bethany said…
CRAIG's LIST!!!! We are totally addicted!!!!! Just bought our new car off there. But we have saved so much time and money on that site. No mornings spent garage sale hunting instead we just hop on the computer and type in exactly what we are looking for.

Local farmers markets and produce specific stores.

I grocery shop online where I can shop the sales and menu plan I save money on gas and no impulse buys because I don't go to the store.

When something is significantly on sale and won't go bad I stock up.
Jennifer said…
Great suggestions everyone! Keep them coming.

Anonymous said…
To have extra money for Christmas (either for traveling or buying gifts) we usually bring home a roll of $10 in quarters (or $20 sometimes) every payday for a year and that will add up to anywhere from $ 240 to $ 480! The rolls of quarters actually serve as a deterrent from spending it during the year(rather than cash) because it is not as convenient or "light" carry around. But it adds up at the end of the year and we are always glad that we stashed this away for holiday times.

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