Potty Talk.

The Ring of Power.

I'm not trying to talk dirty. I'm just talking about life right now in the Napier household. The hot word on the street right now is "potty". Libby has been talking a lot about the potty. She talks about what you do on the potty... and how she wants to be on the potty... and the ultimate... of what happens when you "go" on the potty. It means a dark chocolate M&M and big girl underpants. I haven't tried to push this on her. It's her interest at the moment. The problem seems to be is I don't know if she knows when she needs to go on the potty. So right now we have a potty ring she sits on morning and night... and some fabulous hello kitty underwear.

Stay tuned... there might be more potty talk to come!


Anonymous said…
One of your best writings yet. So much the experience for potty training........never having to train a girl....with boys......go behind the tree in the back yard was not uncommon.......I don't advocate, nor did I teach that.......but it would happen. As memebers of the female gender.......it must be a bit harder to teeter on the potty wondering if you will fall in and be flushed away............Oh the joys of motherhood.....praying for you both.
Michelle said…
Hello Kitty Underwear?!?! Now that is incentive.
T said…
"Potty" is indeed the word on the street, and I agree that Hello Kitty underpants are quite an incentive...go Libby go!
Ashleigh said…
Potty training. Hooray!
Anonymous said…
That's so exciting!!~em

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