Early Intervention.

An answer to prayers. Yesterday we had a team from early intervention come over and do an assessment on Samuel. He did a great job by the way and they were amazed at his sweetness and joy and his curiosity. He was quick to do everything that they wanted him to do. Play with certain toys. Pull himself up to standing. Etc. Etc.

He is going to be receiving speech therapy weekly and physical therapy monthly! I am so excited. This means they'll teach me different exercises to do with him, to help him get stronger and walk. He'll also be working on more verbal skills as well as eating. Apparently he still has very "babyish" ways of eating. This gives me hope that it's not just me having a hard time with certain foods.

Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said…
Jennifer, let me just encourage you by telling you that you are a great mother. I am not flattering you. You love your children with all your heart. You are raising them up in the Lord. You play with them. You care for them. You teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Praise God for resources to help Samuel be all that he can be. Praise God for loving parents (both you and Mike) that will train him to be a godly man.

The Lord has His hand on Samuel and will use him to touch people's lives and do wonderful things. God is using Samuel (even at this age) as a testimony to His Glory. I am certain of this.

All of my rambling to say...be encouraged. This has been and will be a tough road but none of it will be in vain.

love you,

Caren said…
Yay for Samuel! I'm so glad he'll be getting some extra help. You know it can only help him :) I look forward to seeing his progress!
Michelle said…
THis is great news! Yeah!

Jennifer, your son is beautiful! I love looking at the joy in his eyes and I melt when he smiles at me. I suspect he will provide lots of pleasure to your family as the years go on. Gods gift to you.
Wendy said…
I remember when the OT first came to our house to work with my boys, the first thing she said was that they make lots of noise. It was a relief to me cause I was thinking they are 2 and don't talk. So, while I was looking for words, reality was they just needed a little push cause they made plenty of "noise".

You are doing a great job Jenn! Sometimes it is hard to step back to get a big picture view and we need the extra help. Thank God that he gives you wisdom and care you need. Phil. 1:6 is for Samuel too. He will finish his work in your little boy and what a joy that you get an upfront seat!

You go mom!!!!!!! You are doing great.
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, glad to hear he did well on his early intervention. You know, I've had eating issues with Ava since she was still nursing. I'm sure she still eats in a "babyish" way. She's been trying to use the fork and spoon, but it's still a lot of stuffing food in her mouth. And she tends to spit food out a lot. Yuck! Anyway, you're not alone in having food issues.

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