It's Friday...

You know what that means. Get your creative juices flowing. Here is my question I pose to you...

What creative, inexpensive ways can I romance my honey?

You don't need to be married or even have a boyfriend. And if you're a guy then think of what you think would be nice for Mike. I'll take any ideas you have. Next week is extra stressful for him and I'd like to doing something loving and romantic everyday next week and I'm looking for some ideas.

Please any little or big ideas are welcome!



Caren said…
Good Question! I'm interested in reading what everyone else says....
Ideas from me:
1) Get a babysitter for the evening, and have a nice dinner at home w/o kids.
OR...if you cant get the babysitter, put the kids to bed and eat after their asleep.
2) My husband has less stress when the house is clean. So, if I knew John was gonna have a stressful week, I'd do my best to keep the house extra clean for him.
3)Write him love notes and leave them places you know he'll find them. Tell him why you love him, how good of a dad he is, why you think he's sexy, etc.
4)Pray scripture over him before he leaves to do his work or whatever it is that is stressing him out.
I know there are more things to do...there are a few ideas for you. I hope they help!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jen,
I don't know if Mike is as much of a back rub fan as most of the family is. A great massage is always something to help it with the understanding that he gets the rub........he'll repay you another time but right now it is all about him......guys like that. Thanks for being such a great are and it you, faf
Anonymous said…
Here's an idea...

You know the saying, "Behind every great man is a great woman"? Well, of course, it's true. And both of you are obviously fashioned to do great things. Here's what I'm thinking:
There's nothing like it when a guy wants to do something and has the support of his woman behind him. Find out a goal that he has (even a small one) and not only support it, but help him see it completed in a way that he can say, "I did it! And it wouldn't have happened without you..."

This could be anything, so it's up to you to figure out what he wants to do. And I'm sure a couple things come to your mind.

Just remember to tell him how much you support him and believe in him all the time. That's gold to a guy.

Hope to see you this week!

Uncle D
Ashleigh said…
Do you know what Mike's "love languages" are? That might help in figuring out creative, inexpensive ways. If it's words of affirmation, you could leave little homemade notes for him in different spots throughout the house or in his books. If it's quality time, try to find some time for just you and him -- even if it's just 5 minutes -- to really sit down and talk about his week. Stuff like that.
Jennifer said…
I've loved the suggestions! Keep them coming!

AmyB said…
following along the massage idea, you could string up some sheets around your bed, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and create a little romantic massage "getaway". did that for brian a long time ago (hmm, maybe i should revisit the idea?) and he loved that i had taken the time to make it fun (and he enjoyed the massage too ) :-)
Katie Virginia said…
I remember when you did that Amy?! Wasn't it at your apartment? I remember coming over for care group and you showing Christen and I. I thought about the other day when I was thinking of things like that to do for Jason after we're married.

I also like the idea of little notes everywhere. I was going to suggest that too.

Sometimes I'll pack nice lunches for Jason. Since we're not married yet, it's something he doesn't expect and it really blesses him. I'm sure you already do that - but maybe you could make them a little extra special.

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