Some days are days for tears. Yesterday was one of those days. Much crying. Much heartache. I know this will pass. Holding onto hope for other days to come. I think I cried more yesterday than I have in the past year or two.

I had breakfast with a dear friend today. It was a balm to my heart.

I also had the opportunity to look at the multitude of posts people left on my Facebook wall for my birthday. It was encouraging to be reminded that people love and know me and care. and that I do affect people.

Sometimes in my small little world of home life I forget that other people even know who I am. But they do. I am blessed.

So though I'm tired and weary I know this will pass. I know that God will be faithful and true... even when my emotions say otherwise.

So, for now.... tired, teary and trusting.


Anonymous said…
"Don't cry, Shopgirl."

Love you.


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