Getting some sunshine.

Kels & Me.
In about 8 hours I'm taking a plane to head to CA. Isn't that amazing? I'm actually having time away from all 4 of my kids! Unfortunately the love of my life isn't accompanying me. It's truly a solo trip. I'm going to be with my adopted little sis Kels. I'm praying for a time of rest and refreshment for both of us. I don't care if we do much of anything. It will be a true pleasure ot spend time with her and also just to enjoy time by myself as well.

Pray for me that I won't be anxious and will trust the Lord with my family while I'm gone. Pray for my family, for their health, in particular Samuel's. His asthma has kicked up. pray for mike that his time alone would be good and refreshing. Pray for the Williams as they watch all our little monkeys.


Chalene Baird said…
Yayyy!!! I can't wait to see you! I know we'll see each other - I'll totally want to swing by and say "hi". (if Kels will let me). Have a safe flight!
Ashleigh said…
I'm so glad you get some time away!!!! Enjoy!

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