Got Pierced?

One of the things I did in CA was get my nose pierced (my little sis, Kels, gave it as a gift). I have wanted to do that for over 3 years now. I am so glad I did it. I often regret doing things impulsively but I guess having thought it through as long as I had- I knew I wanted it. It's tiny and discreet. (Like me- ha, ha, ha)

So while I'm working on my novel and listening to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.. I thought I'd let you catch a glimpse from Mac's photoshow.

If you hate it, that's okay. Everyone can have their own opinion. Mike likes it... and my dad and grandma didn't have a heart attack. And that's something :)

Thank you Kels. What a treat!


Caren said…
Jen, its looks great! Did it hurt?
Jennifer said…
Honestly, not bad. It doesn't even hurt at all now and I just it pierced on Sunday! It feels like a bee sting with a lot of pressure behind it and then it stings a little and is sore. You feel a tender a few days and then done!
Sara of Sweden said…
Missing you like crazy! Thea talks so much about Libby and how she wants them to play...I long for the day to see the kids play!!! (And the parents catching up!)
actually i'm more shocked you didn't have it done sooner.
i pierced my bellybutton on my last day of being in my 20's. unfortunately it didn't heal in time for my third pregnancy so all i'm left with is a scar.
looks good on you.
Anonymous said…
awesome! em
Tyler and Grace said…
Hey!! It looks great!! I had my nose pierced in college, but i had to take it out. I have been waiting to do it again....just waiting to see if my job will let me!! We have been praying for you and mike!!
Anonymous said…
The piercing looks fabulous and only compliments your beauty. Hoping that you have an excellent Friday, dear one. You are treasured.

Love you.


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