Surrounded by Water.

So, I have all this "catching up" to do. About my trip to California... and being sick and recovering... and going to Santa Monica... and to Magnolia... and to IHOP in the middle of the night. Of meeting Kels' awesome roommates. Of drinking malibu pineapples and girl dance parties in the kitchen. But I'm going to fast forward to today for the moment.

I got myself stranded in the middle of a "lake". The street's name is Lake Drummond, how appropos, hey? I went to run some errands. Primarily Bank, Library, Michael's meds, etc.

I had remembered, in my head, Mike telling me that my Dad said it was safe to go Lake Drummond. The other way is flooded. So with that "knowledge" in mind I set out.

I saw before me a lot of water. In fact in some ways it felt like an ocean... but I proceeded... because if my Dad something's okay... then it's okay! But my dad was talking to Mike about it yesterday at 2 p.m.- I didn't realize/remember that. I thought Mike was talking about today.

So I got crazy and proceeded and got stuck. Thankfully, I was able to call (on my cell) for help. My dad came to the rescue, with my amazing husband, loving brother and his faithful friend Ben. So, they came and got me and pulled the car back onto dry land. What heroes!

The thing I loved though was that in looking at the difficulty ahead of me I still chose to believe what I had heard. Okay, so it's error-filled in terms of I remembered incorrectly.

The point is that I hope when I face trials, circumstances and obstacles that loom large and impossible... that I would choose to believe my Heavenly Father... and if he says proceed then I'm going to go for it and trust Him.

My dad was muddled by the fact that I chose to "go for it" so to speak... but I think in a way he was touched by the fact that I thought I was doing what he said was okay... I really do have a lot of faith in my Dad.

So I hope all the more that I have faith in My Heavenly Father. When He speaks may I listen... and even when I get it wrong, which at times I know I will, may I be rescued by my Hero and Saviour Jesus Christ... may He pull me back to dry land and bring me back to safety.

And thanks for those who were praying for me. I wasn't afraid and was thankful it wasn't dark and that I was kept safe. Many gentleman in their huge 4X4's offered help... I was able to tell them, "My Dad's on his way. He'll get me out!"


Anonymous said…
Excellent, JL. Well said. One for the memoirs, eh? ;)

Love you and miss you terribly...


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